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I'm a dairy farmer from northern Vermont, and I am writing in response to the three dairy producer comments in the Hoard's Dairyman Intel item, "Reader Response: SCC matters are overstated." I've managed several herds in my career, from 240 cows on robots to 43 cows in a tie stall, both organic and conventional.

I've never had trouble getting our average SCC below 100,000, even with 16-year-olds doing most of the milking. So, I can't seem to understand what the trouble is or why anybody is threatened by lower SCC standards. My herds have averaged below 50,000 SCC for months at a time and have maintained excellent immunity at same time.

And to think that there is no benefit in the milk check! How about the cost/labor from treating clinical cases and the milk lost from both clinical and subclinical cases? I believe that herds below 100,000 SCC will be the norm of the future.
- Brian Trudell, Vermont

Reader Response: SCCs improve dairying

We have improved our SCC average from 250,000 down to 60,000. By following proper milking techniques, culling problematic cows which seemed to be older with teat end damage, incorporating a pre- and postdip method, and just becoming a little more aware of the signs has made a major impact. The cows look healthier; this makes milking a more enjoyable experience.? ?
- Jeff Titus, New Brunswick, Canada

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