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"California voters have egg on their faces," in the February 2, 2015, Hoard's Dairyman Intel, generated a great deal of interest. What follows are readers' comments on the item.
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Most of the wonderful, feel good moments of life have no dollar value. To consider only the cost of a dozen eggs in a battle that is really about giving animals in our national food supply a little quality of life, a little more space for their existence, is shortsighted. Farming has all sorts of economic equations for everything; we are bound on three sides by the dollar. Are we so miserly in our accounting that we do not see goodwill and our stocks' well-being as its own reward?
- Marcia Pimentel, Tennessee

Isn't that exactly what the groups wanted? Fewer eggs consumed means fewer chickens "imprisoned." Closer to their goal of a vegan world without animal agriculture.
- Tony Hutchins, D.V.M., Virginia

Is cheap food a password for you? Animal welfare is an important moral obligation of people who eat meat, milk and eggs. Is money the only important thing in life?
- Arun Phatak, California

It is very easy when you are misinformed and only need to check a ballot box. I bet it feels different when you are misinformed and it bites the wallet each week. If it had to happen, I'm glad it happened to the stupid misinformed left coast voters. Let's just hope stupid doesn't migrate east or we will all go hungry.
- David Harnish, Pennsylvania

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February 9, 2015
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