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Grocers know that the word "farm" invokes a sense of freshness, lack of artificial ingredients, and food products from local sources. That's the very reason grocers in the United Kingdom have gone so far as making up farm names just for branding, reported Saabira Chaudhuri in the April 16, 2016, The Wall Street Journal.
With a strong belief in the value of farm names, Tesco, Britain's largest retailer, launched 76 new food lines with farm names such as Woodside Farms, Willow Farms, and Redmere Farms. Read more in the HD Notebook blog "The real farm behind the name."

Some critics say British-sounding monikers obscure the fact that products come from a variety of farms and even from locations overseas, reported The Wall Street Journal. Tesco isn't alone in the practice, as rivals Lidl and Aldi employ the tactic in Great Britain, too.

The question remains: How long will consumers fall for this ploy?

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May 9, 2016
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