Rural America

Many among us have heard or even stated similar thoughts. However, when a U.S. senator makes that statement at a microphone in Washington, D.C., it causes us to sit up and listen just a little bit more.

"I made this very clear when I took over the chairmanship of the Senate Ag Committee. We are here for the producer," said Senator Pat Roberts (R-Kansas).

"One thing that I am a little ticked about . . . we had 17 Republicans and a handful of Democrats running for President, and I don't know of any one of them who has mentioned the farmer, the rancher, the grower, the dairy producer, or even rural and small town America," said Roberts who has served in either the House of Representatives or Senate since 1981.

"We vote. We count. We matter.

"It's up to us to sell that to these candidates," he told those attending the 100th anniversary celebration of the National Milk Producers Federation on the eve of Hillary Clinton becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee for U.S. President, alluding to the fact Secretary Clinton rarely talks agriculture. The Kansas senator also pointed out that similar conversations must take place with his party's Republican candidate as well.

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June 13, 2016
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