Yes, dairy has a direct tie with the Olympics. At least that's the case when talking about the Dairy Checkoff managed by Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) via a joint partnership with Pizza Hut.

Planned to coincide with the Rio Olympics, Pizza Hut recently released its limited edition "Big Flavor Dipper Pizza." Part of that Big Flavor Dipper Pizza release focuses on dairy innovation . . . not only on the pizza cheese, but on one of the four featured dipping sauces - California Ranch.

That California Ranch came as a result of work by the man known as "Dr. Cheese" within the DMI and the Pizza Hut families. The rest of the world knows him as Nitin Joshi, a Ph.D. food scientist who is DMI's on-site dairy scientist working with Pizza Hut at its corporate headquarters in the greater Dallas, Texas, area.

It's Joshi who helped develop the California Ranch dipping sauce based on a buttermilk recipe. He, along with teammates at Pizza Hut, further refined the recipe for the release of the Big Flavor Dipper Pizza.

To learn more about the project, watch this video featuring Nitin Joshi and Dominique Vitry, director of culinary innovation at Pizza Hut.

This coverage at Pizza Hut represents a sneak preview of a much larger "Dairy Food Maker Series" that will run in our September 10, September 25, October 10, and October 25 print editions along with coverage in Hoard's Dairyman Intel. However, with the Olympics well under way, we wanted to share the Pizza Hut dairy experience with our readers now.

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August 15, 2016
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