In their own words. In full-color commentary.

That is what you will hear in this historic 8-minute audio clip detailing the movers and shakers that led to the creation of World Dairy Expo.

Recorded three years ago, the August 15, 2013, audio represented the first gathering of living legends as Steve Larson and yours truly set out to produce We Need A Show, the 212-page book on the 50 years of World Dairy Expo.

Much of the candid audio includes reflections from Ray Kuehl, a young man at the time, who was working with Allen Hetts at the 1963 National Dairy Cattle Congress in Waterloo, Iowa, when the notion that led to World Dairy Expo was first conceived. Kuehl will be honored this year as a Pioneer by National Dairy Shrine.

Additional thoughts at the gathering in Madison, Wis., came from the late R. Dale Jones, World Dairy Expo's longest serving director, and at the end of the audio is Terry Howard, longtime University of Wisconsin-Madison extension specialist who served as a breed superintendent and the overall dairy cattle superintendent. Those other voices also include co-editors Steve Larson and Corey Geiger asking questions.

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August 22, 2016
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