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McLanahan WHAT - The latest innovations and product updates for our line of Horizontal Manure Augers and Stall Fillers, and virtual interaction with our Sand Separation System and Bedding Dryer.

WHY - Continuous improvement to meet our customers' expectations

WHEN - World Dairy Expo, October 4-8

WHERE - Outdoor Trade Mall 654 & 655

We're always looking to help our customers improve their dairies and make operations more efficient, more productive and more profitable. We're doing just that and will be featuring several equipment updates and improvements at our Innovation Center at World Dairy Expo.

McLanahan augers

Several of these changes have been made specifically to improve the life and lower maintenance costs for our Auger Systems and Stall Fillers. The Innovation Center will feature bearing options, replacement ends for worn screw shafts, strengthened hanger assemblies, and reinforced auger ends for Horizontal Manure Auger Systems. You will also see the new bolt-on replaceable urethane shoes for Inclined Manure Augers and poly rollers and sprockets for Stall Fillers. Each of these improvements will increase your equipment longevity and save you money.

All these these items and more will be available at the Innovation Center - stop by OTM 654 & 655 to take a look!

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