I place this class of Brown Swiss cows D-B-C-A. For me, D is the most structurally correct. She has the best fore udder and most correct teat placement. She also shows more balance of rear quarters than B. In addition, she shows more length of neck and more cleanliness in her frame from end to end. B keeps this a close placing by having the advantage of height and width of rear udder.

B follows the pattern of my winning cow in her overall mammary system, as she possesses more height, width, and levelness of udder floor and better teat placement and overall udder capacity than C. I would give C a definite advantage in her beautiful dairy frame and her straightness of lines.

It is her overall frame that carries her over A. In addition, she has more sharpness and cleanness throughout, especially over the withers, shoulders, and thighs. While A has a powerful frame, she doesn’t have the depth of heel or correct set to her leg to carry her any higher in this class of outstanding cows.

About the Judge . . .
Dean Dohle

Dean Dohle
Halfway, Mo.

Dohle placed the BROWN SWISS. He owns and operates Starstruck Cattle, along with his wife, Stacy, and son, Grant, which is home to 50 elite Jerseys. Dohle has judged local, state, and national shows in 28 states plus Mexico’s National Brown Swiss Show. He has served as the Brown Swiss associate judge at World Dairy Expo and will do so in 2017, as well. Dohle has judged the Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Holstein, Milking Shorthorn, and Red & Whites at the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, Ky. In addition, Dohle has been lead judge for the National Jersey Jug Futurity.