The theme of World Dairy Expo 2017 was Discovering New Dairy Worlds, and if there is a place where imaginations can run rampant and new worlds can be discovered, it is certainly Expo.

The week debuted with the largest participation ever in the Youth Fitting Contest . That trend continued throughout the week in the junior activities with a record 269 animals exhibited in the International Junior Holstein Show and a historic best 424 participants in the Youth Showmanship Contest. The participation levels are a testament to the continued dedication of World Dairy Expo to give youth the opportunity to discover new dairy experiences.

Opportunities abounded across the grounds ranging from a twice-a-day Expo broadcast on ExpoTV to a new venue for food and drink in the Tanbark restaurant. The broadcasts were an addition to the popular ExpoTV channels that supplied show coverage and detailed the happenings of the day while interviewing various Expo dignitaries. You can view highlights recorded by ExpoTV by clicking the link.

Of course, perhaps the best place to discover new dairy worlds on the grounds was in the trade show. This year featured more than 850 exhibitors displaying new products and solutions to optimize dairy farms across the country.

Young or old, first trip or 51st, this year’s World Dairy Expo provided plenty of chances for dairy enthusiasts to let their imaginations sail away to new dairy worlds.

Visit our Hoard’s at Expo blog, sponsored by Virtus Nutrition and My Dairy Dashboard, to catch up on all the happenings of the week.

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October 9, 2017
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