The author is an associate editor. She covers feeding and nutrition, youth activities and heads up the World Dairy Expo Supplement. Maggie was raised on a 150-cow dairy near Valley Center, Kansas, and graduated from Kansas State University with degrees in agricultural communications and animal sciences.
May 24 2019
The rain has started falling again, and I am once again staring out the window wondering when and if it will stop
May 20 2019
“When you’re in an environment of low margin, high volatility, the reactive manager gets wiped out,” explained Virginia Tech’s David Kohl at the recent Tri-State Dairy Nutrition...
May 13 2019
Particularly when it comes to understanding consumers and what they desire and demand from dairy products, Virginia Tech’s David Kohl emphasized that the industry has a long ways to go
May 10 2019
What’s the best heat stress abatement practice? Standing? No. That’s not the correct answer, but if you watch a pen of cows that are experiencing heat stress, it sometimes appears to be their...
May 6 2019
By nature, cows are herd animals. This is true even of cows near lactation, but many cows on pasture will seek out solitude for the act of calving
April 29 2019
Conducting a heat-focused audit this summer could let your cows tell you when they are stressed, shared Cassandra Tucker at the recent TriState Dairy Nutrition Conference
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April 26 2019
In the chaos that is health and diet advice, it’s always good to be considered good, and fortunately, dairy products are often considered healthy for the body
April 22 2019
In 2003, the Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program was established to aid rural communities and livestock operators in those areas. It does so by helping to payoff young veterinarians’ student...
April 12 2019
Cows avoid lying on wet surfaces, disrupting their time budgets, behavior, and welfare
April 8 2019
The transition period qualifies as one of the most stressful periods of a dairy cow’s life, and it’s certainly the goal and responsibility of producers to reduce that stress
April 1 2019
Choosing where dollars are invested is critical, especially considering how tight finances have been the last four years
March 29 2019
Last week, I officially shed the winter coat and put it away. I’m not talking away, away because I’ve now lived in Wisconsin long enough to understand that sometimes April will pretend to be...
March 25 2019
Food fads both favor and concern dairy
March 20 2019
Imagine being told you can’t sell your milk, you can’t market your cows, and the water on your land is contaminated with a slowly degrading man-made chemical
March 18 2019
In 1992, there were 131,509 dairy farms in the United States. At the end of 2018, that number was 37,468
March 11 2019
One must know a problem exists before solving it
March 4 2019
“Don’t let the abnormal become normal. Just because it happened yesterday, today, and tomorrow doesn’t mean it’s right,” opened independent nutritionist David Greene during...
Feb. 25 2019
Making ends meet is a difficult task in today’s dairy market, but a focus on balancing outputs between high production and good components can go a long way in bolstering bottom lines
Feb. 18 2019
A cow’s productive life doesn’t just begin when it starts producing milk
Feb. 11 2019
The transition period is critical to production, especially when discussing cows that excel at both production and components