The author and her family own and operate a 130-cow dairy and crop 1,500 acres. She also is a former associate editor at Hoard’s Dairyman.

Aug. 6 2020
What area of your dairy received the most scrutiny as you looked to tighten your budgets?
Gilles-kernel milklines
Aug. 3 2020
Historically, monitoring kernel milklines was the gold standard for determining time of harvest for corn destined for silage
July 30 2020
Stressful seasons on the farm can and do cause conflict, drama, and finger-pointing amongst employees and owners
July 27 2020
While Class III prices have surged, Class IV prices have stayed relatively consistent
July 23 2020
The last five years have caused Class VII to become a well-recognized term in the United States
July 23 2020
July has arrived in full force, and those summer temperatures have brought along heat stress. Fortunately, several strategies can help to alleviate those risks and limit their long-term effects
July 20 2020
While the coronavirus pandemic has certainly brought wide swings in dairy markets, it has brought an even wider list of questions about the future
July 13 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has brought to light a number of new consumer behaviors. Among them is an interesting trend that has emerged in purchasing decisions
July 9 2020
COVID-19 brought to light a number of supply chain concerns around the world. Chief among them according to economist David Kohl was the cannibalization of industry via concentration
July 6 2020
Although there is risk of hot weather and the potential for drought across some parts of the country in July, this year’s corn crop is looking markedly better than last year
July 2 2020
For years, feed costs have carried extra scrutiny as farms look to minimize their impact on the operation’s bottom line
June 29 2020
This week is forecasted to be hot in nearly every dairy producing part of the country. Month-long predictions have much of the same with above average temperatures expected for all of July
June 29 2020
Class III milk, not Class I, could be the price leader in June milk checks. “June’s Class III price (driven by cheese price gains) is expected to jump over $7 per hundredweight (cwt.)
June 25 2020
This May’s milk production figures saw a 1.1% decline from May 2019 and were recognizably lower than April 2020. The cuts were made both in total production and production per cow
June 22 2020
COVID-19 shutdowns and regulations across the country have left childcare operations in a certain amount of flux. In some areas, they are operating at full capacity, others have capacity limits, and still...
June 18 2020
Alfalfa production in the Upper Midwest the last several years has been incredibly difficult. In the fields, winterkill and wet soils frustrated harvests and left fields in poor condition. Part of two...
June 15 2020
“If you happened to max out on Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC), are going to receive Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) payments, you did Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP), or are locked in at a...
Cheese knife_ph1
June 11 2020
Dairy, like many other commodity markets, has seen ever increasing volatility over the course of the last several decades. That’s been further accentuated by the COVID-19 pandemic
June 8 2020
Timely harvest of the forage summits the list compiled by the University of Florida’s Adegbola Adesogan. It’s fully detailed below
June 8 2020
While the dairy industry and many agriculture commodities have seen better prices in the last few weeks, market fluctuations and pessimism still prevail in the countryside