The author and her family own and operate a 130-cow dairy and crop 1,500 acres. She also is a former associate editor at Hoard’s Dairyman.

April 26 2021
While the pandemic and its effects are by no means behind the United States, recent vaccine availability and slipping COVID-19 infection rates have caused many parts of the country to walk back policies...
April 22 2021
The term risk management has become an integral part of the dairy lexicon in the last decade, and its merits have never been more obvious than during the wild swings caused by the COVID-19 pandemic
April 15 2021
Innovation and research are two of the most important keys to future success of dairy sales. As such, the industry invests heavily in research and development to secure markets of the future
April 12 2021
The discussion on the purpose and framework of FMMOs is at the heart of the issue with negative PPDs
April 8 2021
The past year of dairy market volatility has once again stirred the pot of discontent with current milk marketing frameworks and raised the question, “Is federal order reform necessary?”
April 1 2021
Geographical indicators (GIs) have held an increasingly important role at the trade talk table over the course of the last decade
March 29 2021
Scarcity and oversupply were two of the stories that permeated the past year as COVID-19 influenced dairy markets
March 11 2021
For those who closely follow dairy product pricing, monitoring CME movement, and particularly the block and barrel cheese prices, is a critical component of their sales planning
March 8 2021
“If you look at the federal order pools back in the 1950s, it was about two-thirds to fluid milk and the other one-third being manufacturing,” University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Mark Stephenson...
March 4 2021
In the dairy industry, demand and supply are critically linked. The balance between the two drives farm gate prices
March 1 2021
One of the beautiful things about dairy farming in the United States is the variety. There are a number of ways to milk cows and be successful
Feb. 22 2021
While bank standards for assessing loans haven’t changed, the risks associated with dairy operations certainly have changed during the pandemic
Feb. 18 2021
If volatility has been the defining characteristic of the dairy industry during the last few decades, 2020 was one for the record books
Feb. 8 2021
The road to where we are today in agriculture labor laws has been paved with a multitude of good intentions and calls for justice
Feb. 4 2021
The United States is nearly one year into the COVID-19 pandemic, and the disease has changed both social and societal norms across the country
Feb. 1 2021
While President Joe Biden’s appointment for Secretary of Agriculture awaits approval by the Senate, the veteran head of USDA, Tom Vilsack, is already considering his agenda for his second term
Jan. 25 2021
“I don’t think there’s any debate that improving broadband access in rural areas is both necessary and worthy. That’s just not a question,” said Cornell’s Andy Novakovic...
Jan. 21 2021
The back and forth related to Waters of the United States (WOTUS) dates back to the language of a 1972 amendment to the Clean Water Act that established federal jurisdiction over “navigable waters.”
Jan. 11 2021
Many dairy proponents who have studied the newly released Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020 to 2025 will tell you that there are many wins for the category
Jan. 7 2021
The newly released Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025 was filled with many positives for the dairy industry