The author and her family own and operate a 130-cow dairy and crop 1,500 acres. She also is a former associate editor at Hoard’s Dairyman.

Aug. 5 2019
Action, not advertising, is what Generation Z (GenZ) consumers want to see from the brands they purchase
July 30 2019
820 million. That’s the number of people in the world that remained food insecure in 2018
July 29 2019
“When it comes to technologies on farms, there is no one-size-fits-all solution,” shared Mississippi State’s Amanda Stone as way of introducing her presentation at the American Dairy...
July 15 2019
Margins in the dairy industry in the past several years have forced dairy producers to further fine-tune their financial strategies
July 8 2019
In conversations revolving around welfare, a common topic is pasture allowance. Particularly among consumers, there is great interest to the merits of permanent pasture housing versus permanent enclosure...
July 8 2019
“With the way the economics have been in the industry the last couple years, you better have a strong relationship with your lender,” advised Scott Benner
July 1 2019
If lower milk prices are the new normal, then it’s time to find ways to evaluate each dollar spent on feed
June 24 2019
The concept is simple. If you are one of those farms that harvested less than ideal quality forages this spring because of muddy fields or any number of other factors, you might still be able to feed it...
June 24 2019
A new bill was introduced in Congress earlier this month with the intention of helping young people who want to farm pay off student loans
June 17 2019
“People, you have to look at the numbers if you’re going to survive.” Those were the introductory words of Vita Plus’s Gary Sipiorski at the recent Four-State Dairy Nutrition and...
June 17 2019
For much of the Midwest and Northeast, it started raining last fall. Wet harvests gave way to saturated soils during the winter and flooding this spring
June 10 2019
There’s a developing story on the livestock front . . . from 2015 to 2017, antibiotic sales for livestock dropped by 29 percent
June 3 2019
Although starch isn’t listed as a required nutrient by any dairy cattle nutrition document, its impact is absolutely felt in the bulk tank
May 27 2019
Across much of the Midwest, the hope for a perfect growing season has already been dashed as planters and forage harvesters sit idle in barn sheds as one of the wettest springs in recent memory imposes...
May 24 2019
The rain has started falling again, and I am once again staring out the window wondering when and if it will stop
May 20 2019
“When you’re in an environment of low margin, high volatility, the reactive manager gets wiped out,” explained Virginia Tech’s David Kohl at the recent Tri-State Dairy Nutrition...
May 13 2019
Particularly when it comes to understanding consumers and what they desire and demand from dairy products, Virginia Tech’s David Kohl emphasized that the industry has a long ways to go
May 10 2019
What’s the best heat stress abatement practice? Standing? No. That’s not the correct answer, but if you watch a pen of cows that are experiencing heat stress, it sometimes appears to be their...
May 6 2019
By nature, cows are herd animals. This is true even of cows near lactation, but many cows on pasture will seek out solitude for the act of calving
April 29 2019
Conducting a heat-focused audit this summer could let your cows tell you when they are stressed, shared Cassandra Tucker at the recent TriState Dairy Nutrition Conference