The author and her family own and operate a 130-cow dairy and crop 1,500 acres. She also is a former associate editor at Hoard’s Dairyman.

May 4 2020
Water quality, having a plan for dry cow housing, and learning how to work with calves in group housing. Those are the top three lessons Randy Gross learned from real-life experiences during a 2016 dairy...
April 20 2020
For dairy producers incorporating beef semen into their breeding programs, there are a lot of benefits
April 16 2020
Although every dairy farmer would prefer to continue milk production and farm processes as they had planned earlier in the year, it appears milk production restrictions may be a reality through the rest...
April 13 2020
Compromised quality feeds require thoughtful feeding
April 8 2020
As farms across the country are faced with the reality of dumping milk and reducing production, some are looking to their rations to absorb the extra pounds of production
School food_ph4
April 8 2020
Not lost among the stress of 2020’s coronavirus response has been the country’s 30 million students. Many of them rely on at least one meal per day supplied by the school cafeterias
April 8 2020
For those processors and cooperatives requiring milk dumping due to canceled dairy product sales, land application is likely the only or best option for removal of excess milk
March 30 2020
The use of beef semen on the dairy herd provides added income when it comes to selling bull calves, but there’s so much more to like about incorporating beef semen into a breeding program and a lot...
March 23 2020
With the value of Holstein bull calves at rock bottom the last several years, many farms are looking toward the use of beef semen
March 16 2020
When heifer inventories are considered, an often-overlooked impact of a smaller heifer inventory is a need to take a closer look at culling rates in the lactating herd
Zahncroft Dairy_ph4
March 9 2020
With heifer prices dropping to modern-day record lows in the last several years, many farms have been faced with the question of what to do with extra heifers that aren’t bound for their lactating...
March 9 2020
Trends in consumer reporting have shown that people are drinking less fluid milk each year
March 2 2020
Along with nearly every industry in the country, dairy has welcomed robotic technologies and artificial intelligence into the workplace in hopes of stemming labor shortages
Feb. 25 2020
In dairy’s labor availability crisis, many farms have focused on doing a great job of training whether they are hiring someone with limited or extensive experience
Feb. 14 2020
Individual calf housing is by far the most common form of calf rearing in the country. According to research done by the University of Wisconsin in 2019, 77% of farms raise calves individually
Feb. 3 2020
The last several years of wet and warm conditions in dairy regions across the country have brought up the important conversation of forage hygiene
Jan. 27 2020
Contrary to the excuses we often fall into as employers, pay is not the first thing many employees cite when leaving a job
Jan. 20 2020
Wagner Farms in Oconto Falls, Wis., had a 0% death loss in their calves last year. For anyone that has worked with animals, this is the ultimate goal, but sometimes incredibly difficult to achieve
Jan. 13 2020
One of the most challenging roles of the feeding team is to track and account for feed as it goes through the feeding center and into the bunk. In order to do this, it’s important to test, track,...
Jan. 6 2020
“With 60 to 65 percent of the milk check going towards feeding/feed costs, this has a huge impact on farm profitability,” explained Leatherbrook Holsteins’ Adam Graft