The author is an associate editor. She covers feeding and nutrition, youth activities and heads up the World Dairy Expo Supplement. Maggie was raised on a 150-cow dairy near Valley Center, Kansas, and graduated from Kansas State University with degrees in agricultural communications and animal sciences.
Oct. 17 2016
Even in prairie soils with little to no exposure to humans or animals, antibiotic-resistant bacteria can be readily detected. That is according to research conducted on 20 native prairies in southeast...
Oct. 10 2016
With a little bit of something for everyone, the World Dairy Expo 50th anniversary did not disappoint. From the opening ceremony of the show to the final selection of Supreme Champion, the “Celebrat
Oct. 5 2016
Facing the Coliseum and keeping watch over all things Expo, the newest feature of the Alliant Energy Center marks the beginning of the next 50 years. A granite cow now stands in front of the New Holland...
Oct. 5 2016
Amidst all the activities of World Dairy Expo, 185 elite 4-H dairy members gather in Madison, Wis., to explore opportunities within the dairy industry. They hail from all across the United States
Oct. 4 2016
Rachel Ekkel Leading the field in three breeds and placing second in a fourth breed was enough to wrap up the post-secondary judging contest for Rachel Ekkel, a student at Michigan State Ag Tech
Sept. 26 2016
The barns at sunset. The globe. The Coliseum. The colored shavings. The first leaves changing colors
Sept. 26 2016
During the 18-month study that included 53 farms, visits per day and milking speed were the two most influential cow level factors. Both of these played a determining role in the amount of milk produced...
Sept. 19 2016
Mastitis control in any herd begins with good protocols facilitated by informed employees who are cognizant of the importance of identifying and handling mastitis cases early and effectively
Sept. 14 2016
Managers of all levels on dairy farms have a tough job. They juggle many schedules and a demanding workload that never takes a day off. Maybe more difficult is dealing with employee disagreement
Sept. 12 2016
A new type of immigrant. A decade ago, Latino immigrants, especially those from Mexico, were the most populous ethnicity looking for new opportunities in the United States. According to census data from...
Sept. 5 2016
Milk bacteria vary with the seasons by Maggie Seiler, Associate Editor Seasonal variation affects bacterial communities found in milk. That was the conclusion of research conducted at the University of...
Aug. 29 2016
Important nutrients and immune building molecules are all components of a calf's first meal, but that colostrum may also be a vehicle for some unwanted guests. Are bacteria derailing your carefully crafted...
Aug. 29 2016
Low milk prices don't mean cheap retail prices by Maggie Seiler, Associate Editor From the fall of 2014 to the spring of 2016, the value of milk at the farm gate dropped 40 percent. Meanwhile, at the grocery...
Aug. 22 2016
Grocery stores, restaurants, and schools/work places were all popular locations for weekly food purchases. Dairy is what they have in common. Domestic dairy sales are an important part of dairy's business,...
Aug. 22 2016
Milk components tell a lot about management. The composition of milk indicates the health of the rumen and points to the effectiveness of management and nutrition strategies. Researchers from Cornell University...
Aug. 15 2016
These consumers got a chance to learn a little bit about dairy cows. So many times, the dairy industry discusses how we can better reach the general public with the story of milk. I would suggest one easy...
Aug. 15 2016
Dairy must win with convenience.Around 50 percent of the average American's food budget is committed to the most convenient food we can get our hands on, namely fast-food and sit-down restaurants. From...
Aug. 10 2016
Research shows intense long and short-term effects result from skimping on feed for this group. Sometimes reality is harsh, and that can be the case when dealing with transition cows. Managing this group...
Aug. 8 2016
Is pregnant cows' milk really a health threat? A human health concern accuses milk from pregnant cows, which is customarily high in estrogens, of affecting blood estrogen levels in humans. High levels...
Aug. 1 2016
Feeding consistency is difficult with robots. Automated milking systems come with advantages that include customization of both milking schedules and feeding of concentrates based on individual cows' requirements....