The author is an associate editor. She covers feeding and nutrition, youth activities and heads up the World Dairy Expo Supplement. Maggie was raised on a 150-cow dairy near Valley Center, Kansas, and graduated from Kansas State University with degrees in agricultural communications and animal sciences.
April 10 2017
Particularly in tight financial years for agriculture, the argument for finding the economically optimal corn plant population has perpetuated
April 10 2017
Wisconsin isn’t known as the dairy state without good reason. Decades of dominance in the area of dairy farms and cow numbers make a good argument for the title “America’s Dairyland.”
April 3 2017
Eight in 10 millennial shoppers say it’s important to eat healthy according to a survey done by the marketing firm The Halo Group
April 3 2017
Since the standardization of organics at the turn of the century, agriculture has struggled to define the differences between conventional and organic operations without using the term better
March 27 2017
We all know good forages set a farm up for a good year of milk production. The trick is there is a lot that goes into making that high-end, lactation-quality forage
March 24 2017
Somatic cell count (SCC) has been and remains the golden standard of milk quality. That being said, milk quality can be in question even when SCC is in check
March 20 2017
Ask anyone I work with; one of my favorite holidays of the year is Kansas Day. Never heard of it? You are not alone
March 20 2017
Finding pounds of milk isn’t about using or not using BST. It’s about good management
March 13 2017
Of all the changes that the transition cow endures, negative energy balance is one of the greatest and most difficult to overcome
March 10 2017
Among farm families, it is more and more common to hear of households that also pursue off farm ventures. A report from USDA’s Economic Research Service shows that there is good reason for that
March 6 2017
“High dry matter intake solves a lot of problems on a lot of farms,” explained Mike Hutjens when referring to the best ways to capitalize on feeding opportunities in the new year
Feb. 27 2017
Ultimately, the economically optimal pregnancy rate depends on many herd specific factors, but especially the costs associated with making the management changes that result in an increased pregnancy rate
Feb. 27 2017
“Two of the biggest reasons we are culling in our lactating herd right now are mastitis and feet and leg problems,” shared Luke Haywood, who milks 1,150 cows on his family’s Sand Creek...
Feb. 20 2017
Just like conventional feeding systems, there are many ways to operate an automatic calf feeder, and those management factors affect calf health, stress, and more
Feb. 20 2017
“Prior to genomics becoming available, we would have been 90 percent proven sires,” shared Welcome Stock Farm’s Bill Peck
Feb. 13 2017
“One of the biggest changes in our industry in the past decade is fostering the connection our customers have with their food source,” said Nature Way’s Dairy’s Jamie Kulesa
Feb. 6 2017
Nearly every dairy farm features some type of data collection or herd management software. It can range from rumination or activity monitors to simple herd tracking with PCDART or Dairy Comp 305
Feb. 6 2017
“Organic meetings, conventions, seminars, pasture walks, books, magazines, newspapers, and other organic farmers are all valuable resources for us,” shared dairyman Dan Flood
Jan. 30 2017
Pay attention to equipment abilities and the milking routine because overmilking means under performing in the parlor. Use this quick test to discover if overmilking is an issue in your barn.
Jan. 30 2017
“We have found if we keep cows clean, dry, and comfortable, they do very well,” explained Hidden Valley Organic Dairy’s Perry Van Tassell