The author is an associate editor. She covers feeding and nutrition, youth activities and heads up the World Dairy Expo Supplement. Maggie was raised on a 150-cow dairy near Valley Center, Kansas, and graduated from Kansas State University with degrees in agricultural communications and animal sciences.
Dec. 12 2016
If 2015 was a nightmare for Western dairy farmers’ checkbooks, certainly the beginning of 2016 was even worse, according to numbers provided by Frazer, LLP
Dec. 5 2016
I received one of my favorite types of texts from my dad this weekend. It was a photo of a pitch black, newly born Holstein heifer out of one of my cows. Just the way I like them!
Dec. 5 2016
It’s always dangerous to call a food or dietary additive a silver bullet, but recent research suggests that a component of some aged cheeses could be part of a diet that improves life longevity
Nov. 28 2016
Out with the old and in with the new. That’s the nature of food fads. Perhaps one of the best examples of this truth is the explosion in popularity of Greek yogurt
Nov. 28 2016
Likened to a sieve, the digestive tract of a newborn calf is a catch-22 for everything in its environment. Immunoglobulins, nutrients, and bacteria alike have free rein in the digestive tract
Nov. 21 2016
Feeding management in robotic dairies is all about meeting the goals of the dairy. Although this is true on all dairies, the University of Minnesota’s Jim Salfer described it as especially noteworthy
Nov. 21 2016
For more than 60 years, Hoard’s Dairyman readers could rely on a good laugh facilitated by the tip of Chuck Stiles' pen
Nov. 14 2016
One meat, two meat, “green” meat, no meat. Dr. Seuss could have written a fantastic book about the wild ride that is the development of meat alternatives
Nov. 14 2016
Cheese has traditionally been a staple in the world of wine tasting. Why is that? The science behind the pairing boils down to positive sensory interactions experienced when consuming the two together
Nov. 7 2016
I recall many cold mornings of feeding calves while growing up. On my family’s 150-cow farm, I would shiver along, wearing at least four layers of clothes, from hutch to hutch
Nov. 7 2016
Milk earned its status as a health all-star particularly in the arena of bone health toting impressive levels of calcium, vitamin D, protein, and other essential vitamins and minerals
Oct. 31 2016
In recent years, a great amount of discussion has surrounded the determination of optimal stocking density based on economic and health-related measures
Oct. 31 2016
It has long been understood that heat stress is one of the biggest management challenges across the southern United States
Oct. 28 2016
Telling the story of dairy is the goal of June dairy month, and this year, the Hoard’s Dairyman Farm got to do just that when the Wisconsin Public Television show Around the Farm Table visited
Oct. 24 2016
The newest fad in shopping for meat looks a bit like a consumer walking out to a cattle yard or pasture, pointing at an animal, and saying, “I want that one.” In the past few years
Oct. 17 2016
High somatic cell counts have traditionally been associated with other problems in the herd, from digestive upset to reproductive inefficiencies and mobility problems. Particularly when discussing the
Oct. 17 2016
Even in prairie soils with little to no exposure to humans or animals, antibiotic-resistant bacteria can be readily detected. That is according to research conducted on 20 native prairies in southeast...
Oct. 10 2016
With a little bit of something for everyone, the World Dairy Expo 50th anniversary did not disappoint. From the opening ceremony of the show to the final selection of Supreme Champion, the “Celebrat
Oct. 5 2016
Facing the Coliseum and keeping watch over all things Expo, the newest feature of the Alliant Energy Center marks the beginning of the next 50 years. A granite cow now stands in front of the New Holland...
Oct. 5 2016
Amidst all the activities of World Dairy Expo, 185 elite 4-H dairy members gather in Madison, Wis., to explore opportunities within the dairy industry. They hail from all across the United States