The author and her family own and operate a 130-cow dairy and crop 1,500 acres. She also is a former associate editor at Hoard’s Dairyman.

Oct. 28 2019
As winter is just around the corner, planning for housing of pasture animals is likely already underway
Oct. 22 2019
Although there is always room for improvement, the United States dairy industry has been a leader in milk quality
Oct. 21 2019
Cool weather and the first freeze occurred in many Northern states in the last few weeks
Oct. 14 2019
The fourth edition of the National FARM (Farmers Assuring Responsible Management) will incorporate enforced corrective plans for any farms that don’t meet standards during an on-farm evaluation
Oct. 14 2019
This year has not only been a year of contraction in cow numbers in the United States but also around the world as some of the major milk producing countries reduced cow numbers
Gurnsey GC-7612
Oct. 4 2019
In the International Guernsey Show at World Dairy Expo on Friday, October 4, it was Valley Gem Atlas Malt-ET that was left in the center of the ring at the end of the show
Oct. 3 2019
Thursday, October 3 is the day. It’s the day you can get your very own Badger Dairy Club grilled cheese sandwich made with Hoard’s Dairyman Farm Creamery Belaire cheese
2019 Video pre and post-thumnail
Oct. 3 2019
Hoard's Dairyman spoke with Renee Smith of Virtus Nutrition at World Dairy Expo. The company’s newest fat product is EnerG-3. Watch the video to find out more about how fats fit into farm rations
Oct. 1 2019
“Three-peat,” the SUNY-Cobleskill team members shouted as they headed to the front of the room to receive their first-place team awards
Screenshot_20190930-090933_World Dairy Expo
Sept. 30 2019
What time was that meeting? Where was that educational session? The World Dairy Expo app has all of those answers at the touch of a finger. Downloadable for free for either Android or iOS users
Sept. 30 2019
If there is any working person who appreciates coffee, certainly it’s dairy farmers
Sept. 30 2019
In the competitive eating environment of freestall housing, stocking density is by far the leading contributor to competition along the feedbunk
Sept. 16 2019
Plant-based meat alternatives are high in sodium and heme iron. Both are risk factors for important diseases
Sept. 9 2019
Calcium status surrounding calving is not only important, but it also varies significantly depending on the cow
Sept. 2 2019
If at all possible, dairy personnel putting up corn silage this fall should aim to store like forages with like forages
Aug. 27 2019
This year’s forage production, particularly the alfalfa crop, has been scarred by 2019’s volatile weather
Aug. 26 2019
While most farmers in the South and West already have their corn silage safely stored away, many in the Midwest and Northeast are still wondering if their corn will reach maturity
Aug. 19 2019
There’s been no shortage of stories on the abysmal start to the forage season this year
Aug. 12 2019
When it first debuted in the states nearly two decades ago, robotic milking came with a steep learning curve
Aug. 5 2019
In the last several decades, cow cooling, particularly in the lactating pens, has become common on many farms. When hot comes to humid and milk production drops, it’s not hard to justify heat abatement...