The author is an associate editor. She covers feeding and nutrition, youth activities and heads up the World Dairy Expo Supplement. Maggie was raised on a 150-cow dairy near Valley Center, Kansas, and graduated from Kansas State University with degrees in agricultural communications and animal sciences.
Oct. 12 2018
Thank you, dairy farmers. Thank you for devoting your lives to caring for animals, caring for the environment, and caring for us by producing a nutritious and safe product
Oct. 8 2018
The 6-year-old took home Grand Champion in the Holstein Show
Oct. 8 2018
World Dairy Expo 2018 wrapped up Saturday evening with a bang, but just like this year’s theme, “The Next Frontier,” the brightest lights still lie ahead
Oct. 5 2018
For many young people, the next frontier is college and career selection. Since 1954, National 4-H Dairy Conference has done its best to position students to better understand what careers might be a good...
Oct. 4 2018
Hoard's Dairyman talked with Renee Smith of Virtus Nutrition at World Dairy Expo about their company and the solutions they offer for dairy farmers
Oct. 3 2018
It was the aged cow from California that rose to the top of the field of 216 cattle shown in the 15th International Junior Holstein Show
Oct. 3 2018
Four young ladies with matching dresses and suit jackets commanded the day at the International Post-Secondary Judging Contest on Monday, October 1
Oct. 2 2018
If you are a cow person and you’ve attended World Dairy Expo, I would wager you have a favorite showring memory
Oct. 2 2018
Juniors have been an important part of World Dairy Expo since its inception. However, 15 years ago, that commitment was taken to a new level when the International Junior Holstein Show became a stand-alone...
Oct. 1 2018
For the past 10 years, country music star Luke Bryan has brought his brand of country music to rural communities via a Farm Tour
Sept. 28 2018
The air is cooling, the leaves are starting to change, and it’s getting darker earlier and earlier
Sept. 24 2018
In calves that consume a 20-20 milk replacer, starter intake is critical
Sept. 17 2018
Cows are creatures of habit, and as such, they are prone to skipping meals if food is not available when they visit the bunk
Sept. 10 2018
Up until about two weeks ago, the Upper Midwest and Northeast were rushing toward maturity with warm temperatures and relatively dry conditions
Sept. 3 2018
Perhaps you’ve heard the saying “milk does a body good.” That’s true, but dairy products deserve respect for more than just the calcium, vitamin D, and protein they contain
Aug. 28 2018
As dairy producers, industry members, and associates, we all know about the benefits of milk
Aug. 27 2018
As corn silage harvest season moves north across the United States, along with it comes an important reminder: farmers only have one chance to put up this staple crop
Aug. 20 2018
On many farms, one of the least intensively managed groups on the farm is the pregnant heifers
Aug. 20 2018
In this dairy climate, the appeal of capturing the “easy money” items on a dairy is strong. And in some cases, it truly is easy money
Aug. 13 2018
Some spore-forming bacteria survive the pasteurization process so when milk processors label milk with sell-by and use-by dates, they are using experiential data to predict how soon these bacteria might...