The author and her family own and operate a 130-cow dairy and crop 1,500 acres. She also is a former associate editor at Hoard’s Dairyman.

Aug. 3 2023
Sometime during the summer, nearly every dairy-producing part of the country will experience enough heat to cause stress for bovines that results in reduced milk yield, poor reproductive performance, and...
July 19 2023
What’s the best calf starter? Of course, the answer is whatever starter fits your operation
June 21 2023
Indulge me for just a moment. I have a complaint to file with Mother Nature. For crying out loud, let it rain
May 19 2023
I took a walk out to our calf hutches last week to begin summer preparations to that area of our farm
May 15 2023
While dairy product sales have steadily grown over the past several decades, fluid milk consumption has dropped repeatedly
April 18 2023
Having grown up in the showring, I love judging showmanship classes and watching different types of young people on the halter
March 21 2023
Sometimes on the farm, I just need a bit of good news. For those of you who dairy or have in the past, you know what I mean. A little pick-me-up of good news just hits the spot
March 13 2023
Cybersecurity isn’t a glamorous topic to write about or discuss. However, that doesn’t diminish its importance
Feb. 21 2023
Dr. George Heersche taught us that details matter to the health of the whole.
Jan. 26 2023
Every five years, work on the farm bill becomes a focus in both the House of Representatives and Senate. As Congress begins to wrestle with the nutrition and agriculture portions of the bill, they are
Jan. 23 2023
It used to be that agriculture lobbying groups and stakeholders were hyper-focused on the movements and decisions surrounding the farm bill. While that’s still true, and 2023 will feature impo
Jan. 16 2023
The volatility of the federal order pricing during COVID-19 and the ensuing economic upheaval has caused many dairy industry members to re-evaluate the effectiveness of federal order pricing. During t
Jan. 2 2023
Preserving margins has become the goal of many feed programs in the last several months. Although that’s always been an objective on farms, a heightened focus has fallen on feed ingredient inclusion
Dec. 29 2022
“We're looking at fertilizer prices that have doubled or even tripled in the last 2-1/2 years,” shared Cornell’s Chris Wolf during the December 14, 2022, Hoard’s Dairyman DairyLivestream....
Dec. 26 2022
When it comes to forage inclusion in dairy cattle rations, producers have a myriad of options. Traditionally, alfalfa has been a staple providing fiber, protein, and plenty of quality roughage for the
Nov. 15 2022
As a dairy farmer, the phrase “we are a factory farm” is probably a phrase that no one has a desire to utter. However, during the October 12, 2022, Hoard’s Dairyman DairyLivestream, Colorado...
Oct. 27 2022
“First of all, sustainable is a pretty big word; it means a lot of different things,” Cornell’s Chris Wolf said in introduction to his answer regarding how consumers understand sustainability...
Oct. 20 2022
That’s the modern-day question millions of Americans are asking as they expand their dairy intake. In 2021, that expansion saw Americans consuming nearly 667 pounds of dairy products per person
Sept. 29 2022
“The question isn’t if exports will grow; it’s how, and what are we focused on?” Robert Chesler, United Dairymen of Arizona CEO, said as introduction to his comments on dairy exports
Sept. 26 2022
The title of this article was the lead off question during the September 14, 2022, Hoard’s Dairyman DairyLivestream