C-A-D-B is my placing for this class of Brown Swiss. C sorted herself to the top of this class, having the best udder. C places over A on her definite advantage in the udder, having a higher, wider rear udder and showing more fullness at the top of her rear udder. Additionally, C has shorter teats placed more squarely beneath her front quarters. C is also straighter in her hock from the side view and stands on stronger pasterns. I grant that A is sharper over the shoulders and has more spring to her rib.

In a close middle pair, A places over D, having a more youthful mammary system and carrying it higher above her hocks. A has a tighter fore udder as well as a higher rear udder. In addition, A has more width in her front end and carries this width out through her rump. I admit that D stands on a more correct set of feet and legs.

D easily places over B in my bottom pair, using her advantage in dairy character and frame. D is longer from nose to tail, showing more cleanliness throughout, particularly over the rump and down through the thigh. Additionally, D has less quartering between fore and rear quarters and has a more clearly defined median suspensory ligament. While I appreciate the strength of B through the front end, she lacks cleanliness throughout and correctness of udder to merit a higher placing in this class.

About the Judge . . . Jenna Lenhart

Jenna Lenhart
Batavia, N.Y.

Lenhart placed the BROWN SWISS. As a youth, she represented Pennsylvania on the national stage both on the 4-H and FFA dairy cattle judging teams and continued her judging career on the 2009 Cornell University team. Now a member of the embryo transfer team at Oakfield Corners Dairy, Lenhart works closely with flushes and transfers. Lenhart has bred or received 10 All-American nominations under her Brown Swiss prefix, Peach Kist. She has judged numerous shows over the years with the highlight being the 2017 Northeast National Milking Shorthorn Show. Jenna and her husband, Andrew, have a son, Levi.