I placed this class of Jersey cows B-C-A-D. In my top pair, B places over C with her advantage in overall dairy character. B is more angular in her frame while being deeper in both fore and rear rib and displaying more body capacity, particularly in her mid-section. In addition, she has more openness throughout. B also stands on the most correct set of feet and legs. She has a more desirable set to her hock and is cleaner and flatter in her bone structure. B also has the widest and highest rear udder in the class. However, I give C the advantage in being longer in her fore udder and having a slightly more desirable front teat size.

C places over A for her distinct advantage in angularity and cleanliness. C is longer in her frame and longer and leaner through her head and neck. In addition, C appears to have a more desirable texture to her udder, including more veination on her fore udder. I do grant A has more depth and spring of fore and rear rib.

In my final placing, A places over D for possessing a more correct mammary system. She carries her udder higher above the hock and has a tighter, more correctly attached fore udder and is also higher and wider in her rear udder. Furthermore, A is deeper bodied and more open throughout. D lacks overall dairy character, angularity, and strength of udder to place higher.

About the judge . . . Jenny Thomas

Jenny Thomas
North Lewisburg, Ohio
Thomas placed the JERSEYS. Having grown up on her family’s Richman Farms in Lodi, Ohio, Thomas went on to earn her degree at The Ohio State University. For the past 10 years, she has been a staff photographer with Cybil Fisher Photography and this past July joined Select Sires as a communications specialist. Thomas, her husband, Nathan, and children, Colton, Kendall, and Camryn, operate Triple-T Holsteins and Jerseys. To date, they have had the privilege to own, breed, or develop over 100 All-American and All-Canadian nominations. She has judged a number of local, state, and national shows over the past couple of years.