"This was the best time ever!”

"The cheese was amazing!”

"I told at least a dozen friends."

Those were firsthand comments from those participating in the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin-led Cheeselandia program. The program created an exciting new narrative about award-winning Wisconsin cheese when it launched in 2018. And it continues to develop consumer ambassadors for the dairy industry today.

What is Cheeselandia?

It's an online community of cheese lovers celebrating the ingenuity and creativity of Wisconsin cheese and driving positive conversations for our products nationwide. Cheeselandia serves as a virtual forum where consumers can learn more about specialty cheeses; connect with cheesemakers and each other; attend fun, interactive online educational and social media experiences; find cheese board and recipe inspiration; and much more.

For instance, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin has capitalized on the opportunity to engage the Cheeselandia audience to safely "cheese at home," leading to fun virtual gatherings like June's World's Largest Online Cheese Party, which landed us in Food and Wine magazine and on TV nationwide.

So far, fans in all 50 states, plus Canada and Mexico, have engaged with Cheeselandia's guided cheese-tasting parties and educational events. These experiences create meaningful links between consumers and Wisconsin cheese.

Building real connections
Cheeselandia may not be made of bricks and mortar, but its influence is real. Passionate fans and food-and-lifestyle influencers drive positive conversations about award-winning dairy products in their daily lives, influencing even more consumers to buy Wisconsin cheese.

When friends and family attend virtual or in-person cheese parties and have a great experience, they all become advocates for Wisconsin cheese.

Wisconsin specialty cheese companies deliver products to Cheeselandia fans nationwide. These delicious, award-winning varieties bring in-home and virtual tasting events to life, expanding cheese palates while building personal connections and trust in the Proudly Wisconsin Cheese badge.

As a result of this collaborative network, fans seek out their new favorites at retail locations, leading to wider distribution of Wisconsin cheeses and more markets for milk produced on Badger State dairy farms. Cheeselandia surveys show that its "residents" are more likely to purchase Wisconsin cheese and recommend it to friends and family in the future.

All these factors contribute to a positive buzz about the most highly awarded cheese in the world. And fans aren’t just talking about Cheeselandia events, they’re also raving about the Wisconsin cheeses they’re discovering.

Cheese is one of the foods that brings people joy. Cheeselandia helps tap into that feeling while highlighting Wisconsin's exceptional offerings to build and strengthen consumer connections.

Follow Cheeselandia on Instagram or visit Cheeselandia.com. To learn more about Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin and dairy checkoff efforts, visit Wisconsindairy.org.

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October 22, 2020
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