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DCN Dx (, an international provider of point-of-care diagnostics development, products and educational programming, announced the acquisition of PortaCheck, along with its parent company PortaScience. The acquisition will provide new opportunities for PortaCheck, accelerate product development and expand the company’s operational capabilities, further accelerating its growth as a whole.

“It was essential for us to find a partner with the same commitment to quality that our clients have come to expect,” said Mike Gavin, president of PortaCheck and PortaScience. “We believe DCN Dx brings a high level of innovation and commitment to our industry that will facilitate growth through the introduction of new animal health products.”

PortaCheck will continue its steadfast commitment to the animal health industry with operations at the company’s Moorestown, New Jersey location remaining the same, including points of contact for ordering product and customer relations.

PortaCheck is an on-farm testing leader with a full product line that assists producers in making better management decisions and improving animal health. The company provides the BHBCheck Plus™ blood ketone and glucose monitoring system, the PortaBHB® milk ketone test, the UdderCheck™ sub-clinical mastitis test, and the PortaSCC® milk test for cows and goats. These reliable tools are available in more than 65 countries worldwide. To learn more, visit or call (856) 231-8894.