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As United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai prepares to travel to La Crosse, Wisconsin to meet with the state’s dairy producers and processors, IDFA’s Becky Rasdall, Vice President of Trade Policy and International Affairs, released this statement:

“Since her appointment, Ambassador Tai has demonstrated a commitment to U.S. dairy producers and processors. She has signaled her intention to defend the industry from unfair barriers to trade and has made the industry feel welcome in discussions with her team. Ambassador Tai’s trip to Wisconsin is another positive development for American dairy. On behalf of the U.S. dairy industry, IDFA is hopeful Ambassador Tai will speak directly to dairy producers and processors in Wisconsin about the Biden Administration’s plans to put U.S. dairy on a level playing field with global competitors, resolve longstanding disputes, and negotiate trade deals that are preferential to U.S. food and agriculture producers.

“The most pressing priorities for U.S. dairy are the dispute settlement case over Canada’s manipulation of dairy tariff rate quotas (TRQs) under the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and an urgent matter related to the European Commission (EC), which is in the process of implementing non-science-based certification regulations that will all but wipe out U.S. dairy’s access to European Union nations and will threaten global infant formula supplies. Just as important is understanding how the United States plans to engage in trade negotiations moving forward. Without Trade Promotion Authority, U.S. dairy’s hopes of broadening our access in target markets such as Southeast Asia are waning. We look forward to continuing to partner with Ambassador Tai on these and many other priorities on behalf of U.S. dairy.”

“IDFA is grateful to Ambassador Tai for her open commitment to enforcing U.S. trade agreements to their fullest and maintaining a rules-based trading system for U.S. dairy.”

Additional Background

In May, IDFA detailed the dairy industry’s trade priorities for the Biden Administration in this document.

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