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If you were tired of seeing anti-farming messages as you drove up Highway 70, you’re in luck!

Community members came together with farmers in Polk and Burnett Counties to fight ag misinformation by launching their own billboard campaign. Farmers and their neighbors initially raised over $10,000 dollars, with money continuing to come in from people around the state to fund the straightforward and impactful messages of this campaign. They read “So God Made a Farmer,” and “Feeding Your Family and Ours.” These pro-agriculture billboards occupy the space previously used by activist groups to spread their anti-CAFO, anti-agriculture messages.

“Venture Dairy Cooperative is proud of the farmers in Burnett and Polk Counties for initiating this project with community members and leading the way to support agriculture and combat attacks on farmers,” said Kim Bremmer, Executive Director of Venture Dairy Cooperative. “ We have been working with the local farmers in these counties for the past year and it is great to see their engagement in defending their livelihood and bringing their community together. I hope this positive momentum carries over into other parts of the state."

The billboards can be seen on Highway 70 East of Grantsburg.

Billboard location on Highway 70 Eastbound

Billboard location on Highway 70 Westbound

About the Venture Dairy Cooperative:

Venture Dairy Cooperative provides third-party milk sample verification services for our members at proprietary processing plants. We support our dairy farmers of all sizes, including many CAFOs, through leadership and advocacy on their behalf. For more information please contact Executive Director, Kim Bremmer at 715-797-7796