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Holstein Association USA’s Junior members showcased their dairy knowledge during the 2022 National Holstein Convention in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Over 300 Junior Holstein members competed in contests, attended farm and dairy industry tours, and made new connections.

“It’s exciting to watch youth grow during National Junior Holstein Convention each year,” says Kelli Dunklee, Holstein Association USA Youth Programs Specialist. “All contests are designed to help youth develop skills that will benefit them in future endeavors and showcases their talents on a national stage.”

Prepared Public Speaking

Thirty-three youth members participated in the prepared public speaking competition. Speech topics ranged from “Holstein Sire Selection” to “Milk as a Sports Drink”. Following are the results from each age division.

Junior Division (ages 9-13 as of January 1)

1st place: Chloe Chapman, California

2nd place: Alison Gartman, Wisconsin

3rd place: Karley Rocha, California

Intermediate Division (ages 14-17 as of January 1)

1st place: Jenna Larson, Florida

2nd place: Sammi Justice, Missouri

3rd place: Zane Swattling, New York

Senior Division (ages 18-21 as of January 1)

1st place: Talia Priore, New Jersey

2nd place: Abby Stoltzfus, Pennsylvania

3rd place: Madison Sifford, Virginia

Folding Display Contest

Twenty-three entries were submitted in this year's Folding Display competition. Participants create a free-standing display educating people about a dairy industry-related topic of their choice. Youth are divided into three age divisions, and each division has two categories - Scientific and Creative. Following are the results for each category.

Creative Division

Junior Division (ages 9-13 as of January 1)

1st place: Kimber Hough, Pennsylvania

2nd place: Keelan Pavelski, Pennsylvania

3rd place: Emma Brown, Pennsylvania

Intermediate Division (ages 14-17 as of January 1)

1st place: Charlotte Quick, Pennsylvania

2nd place: Lemuel Coltrane, North Carolina

3rd place: Alex Empet, Pennsylvania

Senior Division (ages 18-21 as of January 1)

1st place: Kate Dyson, North Carolina

2nd place: William Coltrane, North Carolina

3rd place: Trevor Clapp, Connecticut

Scientific Division

Junior Division (ages 9-13 as of January 1)

1st place: Alex Schroeder, Minnesota

2nd place: Hannah Visser, Minnesota

3rd place: Rilen Wright, North Carolina

Intermediate Division (ages 14-17 as of January 1)

1st place: Jenna Larson, Florida

2nd place: Johanna Heijkoop, Florida

3rd place: Reese Burdette, Pennsylvania

Senior Division (ages 18-21 as of January 1)

1st place: Salem Sifford, Virginia

State Scrapbook

The state scrapbook contest gives each state the chance to tell the story of activities and events their Junior Holstein associations take part in each year. The books were judged on the cover, news clippings, photos organization, originality, and variety of activities.

1st place: Minnesota

2nd place: Iowa

3rd place: Michigan

4th place: New England

Digital State Scrapbook

This year marks the 12th time states have had an opportunity to participate in the Digital Scrapbook Contest. This division is judged on the same criteria as a traditional scrapbook, but entries must be presented on a computer, DVD player, or other digital format.

1st place: Florida

2nd place: Michigan

3rd place: Missouri

4th place: Virginia

5th place: New England

State Banner

The state banner competition allows states to creatively showcase their associations, displayed throughout the week at the Convention. Judges assess the banners based on promotion of state, Holstein related, attractiveness, originality, and overall appearance.

1st place: Missouri

2nd place: Florida

3rd place: Virginia

Mission Membership

One state is awarded each year for increasing their membership. The honor is calculated on a percentage increase from January 1 to June 1 of the convention year. Minnesota took home the honor this year.

NHWSO Awards Scholarships

Two Junior Holstein members were awarded scholarships by the National Holstein Women’s Scholarship Organization (NHWSO) during the National Junior Holstein Convention. This year’s recipients receiving $3,500 scholarships were Blake Wright, Missouri, and Kiley Lickfelt, Minnesota.

New Representative Elected to Junior Advisory Committee (JAC)

One new youth representative was elected to the National Junior Advisory Committee (JAC) during the National Junior Forum. Caroline Arrowsmith from Pennsylvania was appointed to the Junior Advisory Committee for the At-Large position replacing Lora Wright, Missouri and Elizabeth Cashell, Pennsylvania will be the new Area I Adult representative replacing Dr. Robert Cloninger, Pennsylvania.

The JAC is the governing body of the Junior Association and oversees the organization's activities. Youth committee members are elected by the Junior membership at the National Junior Forum, and members serve two-year terms.

For more information about Junior Holstein Association’s youth programs, visit, or contact Kelli Dunklee, youth programs specialist, at 800.952.5200, ext. 4124, or by email.