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GLC Minerals releases MultesiumTM, its newest mineral feed additive formulation for dairy applications. A magnesium and calcium compound, this highly soluble buffer, balances pH in the digestive system and manages symptoms of acidosis in dairy cows. By balancing the pH in the stomach, Multesium supports the digestion of the dairy ration, resulting in better general health of the herd. Sourced in North America and distributed from GLC headquarters in Green Bay, the brand promises consistent quality and delivery. A safe feed/safe food-certified product, Multesium is an advance in dairy nutrition and innovation in feed additives. Animal nutritionists applaud this macro-mineral formation in its efficacy and trust its performance on their farms.

GLC Mineral’s extensive lab testing reveals the proprietary blend of three sources of North American-mined magnesium in Multesium – hydroxides, carbonates, and oxides – to be highly effective in increasing absorption rates. Multesium demonstrates a more than 90% absorption rate, compared with 20%-30% of most single sources of magnesium. Research shows that Multesium’s high solubility allows it to be a strong rumen alkalizer that improves rumen environment by increasing the diversity of the microbiome. Tested in multiple in vitro and in vivo environments, Multesium performs as a revolutionary macro-mineral blend, delivering essential nutrition to ruminants.

Dairy farmers can purchase

Multesium for direct-to-farm delivery, ensuring quality and consistency. Feed managers add Multesium to the dairy feed ration daily for optimal results. Its fine, powder-like quality is optimal for binding with the cow’s feed and in testing, no loss of palatability was detected. On average, 0.8lbs/head/day is allocated to the cow, creating, in many cases, up to 0.5lbs of space in the ration required for this supplement, translating into direct cost savings. “Delivered directly from our manufacturing plant to your dairy, highly soluble Multesium cuts costs and increases space in the ration. GLC is on a mission to save you $.10 per head per day and open up a 1 lb of space your ration,” shares GLC MineralsmCEO Wes Garner. Farmers should consult their animal nutritionist for supplement allocation specifics for their dairy.

Due to its efficacy, farmers see significant waste reduction when using a formulation with a high-solubility rate. Additionally, MultesiumTM is a cost-effective alternative to other magnesium and calcium supplementations, due to its complete formation of both minerals. By blending the macrominerals magnesium and calcium for the proprietary Multesium formulation, GLC Minerals has provided nutritionists and farmers with a streamlined macro-mineral solution for their large dairy operations.

GLC Minerals is the leading mineral manufacturer and distributor in the Midwest. Located in Green Bay, GLC Minerals produces agricultural, animal nutrition, and industrial minerals for a diverse portfolio of industries. With demonstrated excellence for 150 years, look to GLC Minerals for as a trusted source for minerals to support your business.