Nov. 17 2022 03:05 PM

Product test sites show water use reduced by as much as 70 percent; nozzle only operates when an animal is in proximity of the soaking system and above user-defined temperature set-point

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VES-Artex introduces the Intelligent Soaker, a new animal cooling system that only sprays water when an animal is present, and only when temperatures fall within established parameters. This new system helps achieve the goals of the VES-Artex Animal-Centered Environment where the health, well-being and productivity of each animal is prioritized while also driving efficiencies and lower total cost of operation on the farm.

This system has the proven benefits of a soaking system such as effectively reducing animal heat stress and associated health issues, and loss of productivity, while also reducing water used for animal cooling by as much as 70 percent.

“Simple on/off soakers run on a schedule whether there are animals present or not, representing a massive waste of water and energy — cows spend 70 percent of the time away from the feed lane lying down, standing on the stalls, and being milked, during this time traditional soakers continue to operate. There is a lot of potential for water savings, but heat abatement is challenging to optimize because the negative effects of insufficient cooling can be extremely detrimental to animal well-being and production,” says Dr. Mario Mondaca, R & D Hardware Development Engineer at VES-Artex. “That being said, the Intelligent Soaker does this not by reducing the amount of water the animal gets, but by reducing the amount of water you waste. With increasing concerns about water availability and social pressures on dairy producers, the Intelligent Soaker will allow farms to provide heat abatement while achieving a more sustainable operation.”

The new Intelligent Soaker is easy to install. It operates very simply: Sensors gauge real-time weather conditions and will trigger when an animal is present. The system is plug and play for new and existing soaking systems and can be easily retrofit with existing nozzle technology.

“It’s all about creating that consistent, Animal-Centered Environment”, says Mondaca. “This is another powerful tool that allows farmers to continue to be good stewards of the land, while providing care to the animals they are responsible for – and delivering data through the barn operation system that drives greater operation intelligence.”

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