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Feedworks USA recently completed seven large-scale, split-herd Agolin® Ruminant trials measuring milk performance by cow and feed efficiency by pen over three- to four-month periods. There were more than 6,000 cows included in the summary with half receiving a diet containing Agolin Ruminant and half a control diet. Only data collected from cows that remained in the test pens for the duration of the trial were used in the analyses. Results show an average 2.57-pound improvement in energy corrected milk (ECM) with a 1.45-pound decrease in dry matter intake (DMI) for the Agolin-fed cows. See the Split-Herd Trials table for the results.

“These trials demonstrate an average 12:1 benefit-to-cost ratio or a profit of $0.60 per cow per day,” says Peter Williams, Agolin Ruminant manager. “The potential gains of more milk and less feed dwarf the approximate $0.05 cost per cow per day.”

Dr. Essi Evans, an independent consulting nutritionist, assisted Feedworks with trial design and data analysis, helping to ensure accurate results. “Feedworks USA implemented the side-by-side testing to generate sound information on Agolin’s effect on energy corrected milk yield and feed efficiency,” says Dr. Evans. “These results were determined on working farms that deal with the many typical daily events that impact milk production. The treated cows and the control cows were all exposed to the same conditions, the same environmental factors and the same feed ingredient changes for the exact same period.”

Fed to more than 2 million dairy cows worldwide, Agolin Ruminant is a plant-based feed additive that harnesses a blend of scientifically selected essential oils. It was originally introduced in 2007 as a product to improve milk production and feed efficiency, however researchers were also able to demonstrate that Agolin lowered enteric (belched) methane, diverting the saved energy into milk production. It is the only feed additive currently certified to reduce enteric methane while also improving feed efficiency.

“The productive improvements that occur with Agolin are cost-effective and proven. Few products can claim to help the environment and help the bottom line at the same time. Agolin can,” adds Dr. Evans.

To learn more about Agolin Ruminant, visit the and the Agolin Ruminant page at Feedworks USA, Ltd., represents Agolin Ruminant, Agolin Poultry and Agolin Pig in the United States, along with other quality feed additives. The company specializes in the marketing and sales of innovative, well-researched products that offer financial benefits to end users.