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The Dairy Girl Network (DGN), an organization supporting all women in dairy by enhancing lives and creating opportunities, is seeking nominations of dairy women to join their Board of Directors!

The Dairy Girl Network Board of Directors includes elected representatives serving as dairy farmers and industry professionals. The Dairy Girl Network Board of Directors oversees the overall execution of the organization’s mission and is made up of up to 12 voting members. Terms are set for three years and each individual can serve three terms. Board member responsibilities include attendance at one in-person meeting per year, as well as conference calls once a month, and active conversations as part of board committees. Periodically the board will hold additional meetings or planning sessions.

There is currently one Board of Director position open for a producer and one Board of Director position open for an industry representative.

To apply, individuals can nominate a fellow dairywoman for one of our open Board positions. Self-nominations can also be made. Nominees are urged to consider personal priorities for the next years as well as the ways to contribute to the development of our organization.

To apply, please complete the Nomination Form on the Dairy Girl Network website located here: Nominations are due no later than Wednesday, January 11th. Late applications will not be accepted, so hurry and apply today!

If you have any questions, please contact, Lynn Bartholomew at