Each June, as part of National Dairy Month, the dairy community throughout the nation celebrates the role milk and dairy foods play in nourishing people and supporting healthier communities — and this year, National Football League (NFL) veteran Guy McIntyre was part of the celebration in a big way.

Through a partnership with the San Francisco 49ers Foundation, the Dairy Council of California worked with McIntyre on a video that not only highlighted the unique package of nutrients offered by dairy foods, but also featured California dairy’s sustainable nutrition story. The 49ers Foundation distributed the video through their social media channels and their foundation page. Additionally, the video was shared with the 49ers Kids Club members and the THINK Gold participants as well as the Dairy Council of CA’s media channels.

“If you want to make healthy eating part of your playbook, start by eating nutrient dense foods like milk cheese and yogurt,” said McIntyre in the video. “California dairy farm families are committed to producing nutritious and delicious dairy foods, while doing their part to be environmental stewards of the planet. That’s a win-win.”

At Dairy Council of California, we believe partnerships, like the one with the 49ers, are vital to maximize collective impact and showcase the value of dairy foods as essential contributions to healthy, sustainable eating patterns across the life span. The video is just one example of how Dairy Council of California equips others with science-based nutrition information and resources to be champions for dairy foods and sustainable practices. In doing so, we help elevate the health of children and communities by promoting lifelong healthy eating patterns and improving access to healthy foods. Visit HealthyEating.org to learn more about how you can inspire healthier communities through our Let’s Eat Healthy initiative.

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June 29, 2023

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