With every issue of Hoard’s Dairyman, we strive to provide our readers with practical information that can be put to use on their dairies. Farming is complex, and science, technology, and practices are constantly evolving.

Some people have been able to use Hoard’s Dairyman articles as a source of continuing education as they work to meet expectations set by the National Dairy FARM (Farmers Assuring Responsible Management) Program. We have now teamed up with the FARM Program to offer these educational resources in new ways.

Since 2009, the FARM Program has served as a way to let customers and consumers know that dairy farmers are committed to caring for their animals and producing safe, high-quality milk. The program’s regularly updated, science-based standards also stand as a guidepost for farmers across the country.

As part of the FARM Animal Care standards, all family and nonfamily employees are expected to have continuing education if they have animal care responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Stockmanship
  • Preweaned calves
  • Fitness to transport
  • Nonambulatory animals
  • Euthanasia

Continuing education for the FARM Program can take many forms, and each farm can determine the type of training that is most appropriate and effective for them. For some, this may be discussions with on-farm dairy industry stakeholder specialists, such as veterinarians or nutritionists. Others may complete a more formal employee training program, offer opportunities for job shadowing farm managers, or allow participation in a formal class or program.

Another option is to read print or digital articles on topics that align with the FARM Animal Care standards. Many of Hoard’s Dairyman’s science-based, farm-focused articles have met that need for years. Recently, we took this a step further and started to designate articles in each issue of the magazine that meet the continuing education requirement with a FARM Program emblem.

There is also a QR code on those pages in the print magazine that will take you directly to a clearinghouse of past articles that fulfill this continuing education requirement. Those articles, listed in chronological order and by category, can be found on our Hoard’s Dairyman website.

Ensuring optimal animal care on farms requires solid training and a collective understanding of what is expected by all employees. Continuing education demonstrates that our dairy industry has a commitment to staying current with the best animal care practices. We are pleased to work with the FARM Program to provide articles that meet these industry-leading standards.

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October 23, 2023

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