The author is the senior associate editor and covers animal health, dairy housing and equipment, and nutrient management. She grew up on a dairy farm near Plymouth, Wis., and previously served as a University of Wisconsin agricultural extension agent. She received a master’s degree from North Carolina State University and a bachelor’s from University of Wisconsin-Madison.
March 15 2023
The thought of creating a business plan for your farm can be daunting, but this document serves several important purposes. For starters, it may be required by a lender when applying for financing. It...
March 13 2023
Beef semen sales have soared over the past decade, in large part due to the growing use of beef sires in dairy animals
March 9 2023
Manure application is a great option for fertilizing crop fields, especially in this era of high commercial fertilizer prices. During the Minnesota Agricultural Water Resource Center’s Nutrient Management...
March 6 2023
Farm transition planning creates a path forward to move a dairy from one generation to the next
March 2 2023
Vaccination is one tool dairy producers can use to keep calves healthy, helping the animals to meet their full potential for growth and production
March 1 2023
The strong work ethic reputation that farm kids carry most often comes from job responsibilities that began at a young age
Feb. 27 2023
Calves are born into a world filled with bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can cause illness or even death in these young animals. For protection, the body develops an immune system
Feb. 23 2023
The benefits of adequate resting time include less stress, more milk production, less lameness, and greater longevity
Feb. 20 2023
Sometimes people wish there were more hours in a day to complete the responsibilities at hand, and dairy cows may feel the same way. Rick Grant of the Miner Institute recommends that farmers think abo
Feb. 16 2023
Farms of all shapes and sizes are taking unique steps to be more environmentally friendly. Some of these actions are just part of normal, everyday operations. The fact that cows can turn food humans c
Feb. 13 2023
No case of mastitis is good, but some causes of infection are easier to control than others. Unfortunately, one particularly difficult type of mastitis is affecting a growing number of dairy herds.“
Feb. 9 2023
When talking about sustainability in the dairy industry, conversations often involve what can be done on farms to manage manure, enhance crop and animal productivity, reduce emissions
Feb. 6 2023
Dairy farmers that transition to robotic milking systems often comment on the different style of management it takes to care for cows in this type of barn
Feb. 3 2023
As dairy producers, we are also beef producers, since culled dairy cattle are one piece of the livestock and meat sector
Jan. 30 2023
Dairy Business Association’s Dairy Strong conference encouraged audience members to run for political office
Jan. 30 2023
One element of farm profitability is generating more revenue from the possessions you already own
Jan. 26 2023
When it comes to the nation’s milk output, the number of dairy cows and milk production per cow are two key factors. University of Wisconsin’s Mark Stephenson reviewed where these numbers went...
Jan. 23 2023
Many factors play a role in determining milk prices, and one of them is the global dairy market. The good news for U.S. dairy is that worldwide demand for our products continues to grow. In 2022, 18%
Jan. 19 2023
People working on farms come face to face with potential safety and health hazards daily. While certain risks come with this occupation, many dangers can be avoided, explained veterinarian Dee Ellis d
Jan. 16 2023
Despite the oddities that 2021 brought, with the continuing pandemic and beginnings of rising inflation, University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Mark Stephenson said it was still a good year for domestic