The author is the senior associate editor and covers animal health, dairy housing and equipment, and nutrient management. She grew up on a dairy farm near Plymouth, Wis., and previously served as a University of Wisconsin agricultural extension agent. She received a master’s degree from North Carolina State University and a bachelor’s from University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Nov. 21 2022
Sign-ups for the Dairy Margin Coverage program are underway, with the December 9 deadline quickly approaching. Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) is one of the price risk management tools available for dairy
Nov. 15 2022
Manure application is often a race against the clock. With a limited window of time in the spring or fall, there aren’t always enough days suitable for application to empty manure storages.Plus,...
Nov. 11 2022
Corn grown for grain is harvested too late in the fall to establish a cover crop in more northern climates. This uncovered soil presents environmental concerns and is a missed opportunity in terms of
Nov. 10 2022
One quick glance is usually all it takes to distinguish the difference between colostrum and milk; the consistency and color of colostrum typically give it away. However, we know that this first secre
Nov. 10 2022
When it comes to global warming, all greenhouse gases tend to get lumped into the same bucket. In reality, certain gases behave differently, and that affects their impact on climate change. During the
Nov. 7 2022
From people to cows, no one likes to be overcrowded, so the goal is to put up facilities that will meet today and tomorrow’s needs
Nov. 4 2022
U.S. dairy exports have been riding high in the saddle as of late, but will that trendline continue?Food and agriculture consultant Betty Berning believes it will. Berning, operator of Betty Berning C
Nov. 2 2022
The word sustainability comes with many definitions. Right now, in agriculture and food manufacturing, the focus is on protecting natural resources and reducing greenhouse gases. These are honorable a
Oct. 31 2022
Most would agree that pretty cows are nice to look at, but a recent study showed cows with positive conformation traits appeal to both the eyes and the checkbook.Using nearly 20 years of linear classi
Oct. 27 2022
Corn silage harvest is often a waiting game, as farmers carefully watch whole plant moisture in an effort to chop corn at the ideal dry matter level. The general goal is to ensile feed that is at 65%
Oct. 24 2022
With a photo of an old fashioned tractor and manure spreader as a backdrop on the screen, Rebecca Larson, an associate professor and extension specialist with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, star
Oct. 20 2022
One of manure’s greatest challenges is its sheer volume; one dairy cow alone can produce 14 gallons or more of manure and urine each day
Oct. 17 2022
If your local store is low on dairy products, take the time to say something – they may thank you
Oct. 14 2022
As crops come off the fields and farmers prepare for winter, it is a time to make decisions that will impact both productivity and finances for the next growing season
Oct. 13 2022
For many dairy farmers, the lines between family and farm are blurred. While there are many positive aspects when family members work together, it can also be challenging
Oct. 10 2022
Judge Pierre Boulet rushed across the colored shavings in dramatic fashion to select Oakfield Solom Footloose-ET as his Grand Champion of the International Holstein Show
Oct. 10 2022
Not all farms have the space or labor on site to raise their own dairy replacements, so it is not uncommon for calves to be transported to a custom grower early in life. While this type of calf rearin
Oct. 7 2022
While cows are front and center at World Dairy Expo, the high-quality feed needed for dairy cattle to remain productive and healthy is also recognized during the show
Oct. 6 2022
Dairy producers recognize the valuable role colostrum plays in raising calves. That first meal is truly instrumental in setting animals up for success
Milking Shorthorn GC WInner
Oct. 5 2022
As the first day of cattle shows came to a close at the 2022 World Dairy Expo, Judge Joe Sparrow of Owenton, Ky., tapped the winning Senior Three-Year-Old as his Grand Champion at the International Milking...