The author is an associate editor and covers animal health, dairy housing and equipment, and nutrient management. She grew up on a dairy farm near Plymouth, Wis., and previously served as a University of Wisconsin agricultural extension agent. She received a master’s degree from North Carolina State University and a bachelor’s from University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Nov. 11 2019
People often compare group housed calves to small children in daycare — when one gets sick, they all get sick
Nov. 8 2019
Many of you come from small dairy farms like I did. For some, family members make up the entire labor force that must complete the daily work associated with dairy farming
Oct. 28 2019
When Vice President Mike Pence visited Wisconsin last week, his message about the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) was very clear
Oct. 25 2019
Working with family on the farm can be rewarding and enjoyable . . . until you need to move a cow from Point A to Point B together. Do any of you ever feel this way?
Oct. 21 2019
We hear it over and over again, that fluid milk consumption is declining. This is true, but we should remember that milk remains a staple in most American households
Oct. 14 2019
What separates the most successful dairy farmers from their peers? As one might guess, there are several factors
Oct. 7 2019
For years, it has been a very common practice for farms to treat all cows with antibiotics at the first sign of mastitis
BS Grand Champion-7031
Oct. 4 2019
It is not that often that a World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion returns to the colored shavings to compete the following year, but Cutting Edge T Delilah did — and she was in top form
Jersey GC-6275
Oct. 3 2019
The selection of Grand Champion of the International Jersey Show at the 2019 World Dairy Expo came down to a very close placing for Judge Jack Lomeo Jr. and his associate judge, Brent Walker
Hoards Party-5836
Oct. 2 2019
When the trade show closes on the first day of World Dairy Expo, hundreds of company representatives head to the Exhibitor Party hosted by Hoard’s Dairyman and World Dairy Expo
Oct. 1 2019
As the gates opened on the first official morning of World Dairy Expo, many people headed to the Exhibition Hall for a town hall meeting
Oct. 1 2019
For many, World Dairy Expo is a mixture of hard work and fun. The show also provides ample chances to further your dairy education
Oct. 1 2019
If you are lucky enough to find yourself sitting ringside during one of the World Dairy Expo dairy cattle shows, there’s an opportunity for you to place the animals right along with the official...
Sept. 30 2019
Country music superstar Luke Bryan hit the road last week to begin his 2019 Farm Tour, and the show’s first stop was Statz Brothers Inc., a Wisconsin dairy farm
Sept. 27 2019
An internship is where classroom learning and real-world experience meet. It’s a chance to “try on” a job and find out if a particular career path is for you
Sept. 25 2019
There are some calves that seem destined for greatness from the start. They have the look, the pedigree, or the numbers
Sept. 23 2019
A goal of almost any dairy farm is to reduce the herd’s somatic cell count. A low somatic cell count creates a higher quality product to sell
Sept. 16 2019
Overcrowding a barn can have negative impacts on milk production and animal health; Penn State Extension’s John Tyson pointed to several factors that could restrict the number of animals a barn can...
Sept. 13 2019
The tide has changed, and cheese is riding high on the waves. Once considered unhealthy for containing too much saturated fat, cheese has found redemption in new studies
Sept. 9 2019
As dairy farmers in Australia continue to battle with hot weather and drought conditions, milk production has taken a hit