The author is an associate editor and covers animal health, dairy housing and equipment, and nutrient management. She grew up on a dairy farm near Plymouth, Wis., and previously served as a University of Wisconsin agricultural extension agent. She received a master’s degree from North Carolina State University and a bachelor’s from University of Wisconsin-Madison.
July 13 2020
Completing every cow’s lactation with antibiotic dry treatment has been a standard practice on dairy farms for decades
July 9 2020
It’s not uncommon to hear dairy consultants talk about “rightsizing” a farm’s heifer herd to avoid raising too many replacements
July 6 2020
Whether building brand new or repurposing an old building, there are certain details that should not be overlooked when it comes to heifer housing
July 2 2020
Mother Nature has opened the floodgates and let the rain pour on certain parts of the country
June 30 2020
For farmers, working with family can be an awesome blessing or one of life’s greatest challenges
June 29 2020
As agriculturalists, we are well aware of the impacts COVID-19 has had on farm gate prices. As consumers, we have witnessed empty store shelves where products used to be and limits placed on certain items
June 25 2020
Many stores and restaurants have transformed the way they do business in light of COVID-19 to protect their customers and their employees
June 22 2020
When the new 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans are released later this year, it appears dairy will keep its prominent seat at the table in USDA’s diet recommendations
June 18 2020
“We should be enjoying the best health in human history,” said Bruce German in his opening remarks during the June Hoard’s Dairyman webinar. “Unfortunately, a majority of the people...
June 15 2020
As humans, we often make extra food purposely, so that we have leftovers to eat the next day. That same philosophy doesn’t work for dairy cows, who need fresh feed daily
June 15 2020
Every inch counts when it comes to the feedbunk, and eating space is one of veterinarian Gary Oetzel’s top feeding management concerns for prefresh dairy cows
June 8 2020
More than $545 million in producer payments through the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) have already been approved by the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA)
June 1 2020
Vaccinations serve a vital role in maintaining animal wellbeing on today’s dairies. Many of those vaccinations are given early in life and provide a foundation for overall herd health
May 28 2020
Is the COVID-19 pandemic in our rearview mirror? University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Mark Stephenson said he would not take the question mark off that statement just yet
May 25 2020
It has become very common for farms to store forages such as corn silage and haylage in concrete bunker silos or drive-over piles
May 25 2020
Many would consider colostrum to be the most important management factor in a calf’s life. As our standards of calf care continue to improve, methods to evaluate colostrum quality and success of...
May 21 2020
Farmers and ranchers who are feeling the financial impacts of the current COVID-19 situation have been eagerly waiting for more details about the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP)
May 18 2020
Dairy herds have made great strides in reproductive efficiency over the years. One only has to look at numbers from just two decades ago to note these remarkable improvements
May 11 2020
Dairy producer Kevin Solum has farmed his whole life, but he’s learned a tremendous amount more about managing cows in the 18 months since eight automated milking systems were installed
May 11 2020
A very positive trend in dairy cattle research the past few years has been more studies on calves. However, in a Dairy Calf and Heifer Association presentation, University of Guelph’s Michael Steele...