D C B A is my placing in this well-balanced class of Ayrshire cows. D starts this class because she has the best udder and more overall dairy strength being wider from end to end. D also has more bloom to the udder with more height and width of rear udder. She also has more depth of heel when compared to C.

C keeps this a close placing because she has more depth of fore rib and has more depth of heart. C follows nicely with more overall width and strength than B. She also shows more depth of fore rib and is longer from end to end. C's fore udder blends more smoothly into the body wall; I do grant B is sharper and cleaner through her front end.

In my final pair, B goes over A on her overall dairyness, possesses a longer, cleaner neck and cleaner thigh than A. She also has a higher rear udder attachment. I grant A also has more strength throughout her front end. However, A shows a rounder bone in the leg than any cow in the class.

Princeton, Ill.
McDonald placed the AYRSHIRES. He is the owner of Mackayr Farm along with his wife, Deb, and also serves as a dairy cattle consultant. He is a lifelong breeder of registered Ayrshires and is the current president of the Ayrshire Breeders Association. The Mackayr prefix has been tied with many All Americans, national show winners, and production leaders along with topping sales across the U.S. McDonald is an experienced dairy cattle judge. His assignments have included World Dairy Expo and the Eastern States Exposition. International judging credits include shows in Australia, Canada, Colombia, New Zealand, and South Africa.
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