Care for animals to ensure their health and your success
June 15 2018
Transition cow care plays a significant role in the success of dairy operations. Every cow goes through the transition period at least once during its productive life; for that reason, improved transi
May 25 2018
Years ago, the barnyard was a common feature on a farmstead raising dairy animals. Before the days of indoor plumbing, there were no water bowls in the dairy stables and the cows were turned out twice
May 25 2018
Many dairy farms have old buildings and sheds that owners would like to make more useful, but these buildings present a challenge
Jan. 10 2018
As a dairy management trainer, I am fortunate to visit farms all over the world. It still amazes me what I can learn from these visits. I especially remember one particular farmer
Oct. 10 2017
What is a herd health plan, and why do I want one? A herd health plan is essentially a road map of our cows’ lives from birth to their humane death
Sept. 25 2017
Housing and management play an important role in the performance and health of fresh cows. Much of that impact is mediated through the effects of those factors on the behavior of dairy cows
Aug. 25 2017
Lameness can be a major health concern on many dairy farms. Not only is this an animal welfare issue, but various reports indicate that each case of lameness can cost $90 to $300
Aug. 10 2017
Dairy producers have been battling digital dermatitis (DD), more commonly known as hairy heel warts, for decades. Digital dermatitis was first discovered in Italy in 1974 and has been detected in herds...
June 15 2017
Each and every time tetracycline is applied to a cow’s hoof to treat digital dermatitis, there must be a veterinarian prescription because that use of the product is extra-label.Federal and state...
March 10 2017
Mention milk fever or mastitis and most producers will conjure up mental pictures of these diseases
Feb. 25 2017
Many dairy producers are under the false impression that all that is needed to prevent BVD (bovine viral diarrhea) from entering their herd is to vaccinate with a proven BVD vaccine
Feb. 10 2017
Ridpath recently retired from the ruminant diseases and immunology research unit, NADC/ARS/USDA, Ames, Iowa. Miller is a senior professional services veterinarian-dairy, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica
Jan. 25 2017
It should make a big difference to you to know why a cow died on your farm. Why? A dead cow represents a dead loss. More importantly, cows don’t die without a reason
Oct. 25 2016
This cow is in a lying position, which is often associated with sleep. Time spent sleeping may affect cow health, production, and welfare more than we realize.The importance of cow comfort and i
May 25 2016
Don't just stand there Cows that stand too much may be telling you something about cow comfort in your barn. Inadequate flooring can cause lameness and discourage cows from eating, thus impacting milk...
May 25 2016
Use data and compare "apples to apples" when choosing the best fan for your needs On today's dairy farms, there are a lot of different places where fans can be used. If you are looking to upgrade your...
Dec. 15 2015
The concept of animal welfare encompasses multiple concerns with different stakeholders prioritizing different interests. The priorities are most often grouped into three areas: biological functioning,...
Dec. 15 2015
Consumers are continually demanding assurances in the humane treatment of farm animals and are mostly concerned with human and animal interactions. Responses to the demand for greater openness in livestock...
Oct. 25 2015
Inflammation: Friend or foe? Dietary strategies and anti-inflammatory drugs can minimize swelling, but sometimes inflammation actually works to the cow's benefit
July 29 2015
There's no excuse for irresponsible drug use In today's media environment, the mistakes of a single farm can be rapidly broadcast. Understanding allowable drug usage, reading the labels and working with...