For those looking for the latest genetic updates from this January's sire summary, you can download our entire bull list from this blog post. It includes the highest-ranking bulls for the top seven dairy breeds. Holsteins are ranked by Net Merit, Fluid Merit, Cheese Merit, udders, feet and legs, productive life, daughter pregnancy rate, somatic cell score, sire conception rate, sire calving ease, and sire stillbirth. It is the most comprehensive bull list published by any dairy outlet that is available free for download. In the Holstein breed: Freddie, O Man, Super, and Planet, are still in the top four. Shottle reappears among the top five after making a slight dip to 10 in the August run. In the Jerseys, Matinee now ranks top in that breed, a climb of 13 spots. Likewise, Phillip in the Ayrshire breed jumped four spots to take the lead. Vigor (Brown Swiss), Alstar (Guernsey), and Ted (Milking Shorthorn) all maintain their leader position in their respective breeds. Meanwhile, new-comer Fidelity-Red (Red and White) earned the top Net Merit position at 364.