Signaling the start of World Dairy Expo week for those of us at Hoard's Dairyman is always the annual visit from the National 4-H Dairy Conference. Today, around 200 attendees from across the country (and some from Canada, too!) made stops at the Hoard's Dairyman offices, Hoard's Dairyman Farm, Nasco, and the National Dairy Shrine and Hoard Historical Museum. Lunch is served annually at the church just across the street from our offices in a traditional church dining hall. In a visit to a historical dairy town like Fort Atkinson, it only makes sense to eat a home-cooked meal prepared by members of our community. Thank you again to the wonderful group of cooks and servers from the church!

We were lucky to have had perfect weather today - and the good news is that it is supposed to last all week. The morning started quite chilly in the low 40's, but bright sun has warmed us into the mid-60's. This made for happy 4-H'ers touring today.

While making stops at our offices and farm, attendees learned more about what it takes to turn an idea for an article into reality. It takes much time and dedication of our staff to put a magazine in your mailbox 20 times each year. Currently, our staff is already in the beginning stages of our October 25, 2010, issue. This issue will be completed after World Dairy Expo as it will highlight many of the week's winners and happenings, so please watch for it or view it online.

Don't forget to stop back here on our Hoard's @ Expo blog often, to see more of what's happening during World Dairy Expo week.