Nov. 16 2011 08:02 AM

A new Pfizer Animal Health risk assessment tool estimates your risk for residues in meat and milk.

The questions aren’t difficult to answer, but the answer is becoming ever more important. That was our view of a new assessment put out by Pfizer. If you’re at all interested in the risk level of residues on your farm, and we think you should be, this questionnaire would be a great item to complete and turn into your veterinarian.

The questions are very basic. But being honest is going to give you an important answer – what is your risk level?

At the Hoard’s Dairyman farm, we came in at the “Medium” risk level. There are always things to improve, and we identified one practice that simply needed clarification. With that correction, we feel we’ll be in the “Low” category.

So give it a try yourself; then print or email the results to share with your veterinarian. The address is