Oct. 2 2021 09:00 AM

A Wisconsin cow defended her title and was named Grand Champion of the International Guernsey show for a second time.

The Grand Champion of the International Guernsey Show at World Dairy Expo was no stranger to the colored shavings. In fact, Valley Gem Atlas Malt-ET found herself in the exact same place she was two years ago at the 2019 show.

Judge Molly Sloan of Lake Mills, Wis., tapped Malt as the Grand Champion of the Open Show as well as the Senior Champion. The cow, winner of the 6-year and older class, was bred and owned by Valley Gem Farms in Cumberland, Wis.

“She owns the ring,” said Judge Sloan of her Grand Champion, commending the aged cow for her exceptional udder and style. Malt also earned the titles of Best Udder and Best Bred and Owned of the show.

The Reserve Grand Champion was Springhill Kojack Uno-ET, owned by Ty and Ean Mader and Faith Ling of Springfield, Mo. The 5-year-old cow, that Judge Sloan said had an “impeccable udder,” was also the Reserve Senior Champion.

The Intermediate Champion was Dix-Lee Method Journey, exhibited by Whitney Lee Yerina, Phillipsburg, Mo. Judge Sloan said the junior 3-year-old simply “put it all together.” Reserve Intermediate Champion was Dix-Lee Kojack Don’t Doubt Me-ETV, exhibited by Haley Beukema and Lauryn Weisensel, New Richmond, Wis. She was the winning senior 2-year-old.

These two cows were also the Intermediate and Reserve Intermediate of the Junior Show and were later named Grand and Reserve Grand Champion of the Junior Show. When naming Journey as Champion, Judge Sloan said, “We fell in love with that width and length to her frame.”

The Senior Champion of the Junior Show went to Villa Crest Marvel Sayre, owned by Macy McDonald Walason and Samantha Plocher of Imler, Pa. The Reserve Senior Champion was Hi Guern View Diva Designer, exhibited by Alaina, Amery, and Aidan Dinderman of Orangeville, Ill. The best Bred and Owned animal of the Junior Show was Twincounty Pies Love Tap-ET, exhibited by Landree Fraley of Muncy, Pa.

The Junior Champion of the Open Show was the fall yearling, Thurston Farm Popeye Addyson, exhibited by Howacres and Mill Bridge Farm of Meriden, N.H. Reserve Junior Champion was Springhill Tiller Calico-ETV, a fall calf owned by Clay Hershberger and Sandy Putt of Sugarcreek, Ohio.

In the Junior Show, the Junior Champion was Warwick Manor Ernie Jacey, a fall yearling exhibited by Karli and Kolby Stoltzfus of East Earl, Pa. The Reserve Junior Champion was Heritage Brook Drone Trinket-ETV, owned by Keenan Thygesen and Hannah Hurst of Tunbridge, Vt. She was the winner of the spring calf class.

Springhill Big Prairie of Ohio was named Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor of the show. The Premier Sire was Indian Acres American Pie.

For the heifer show, Premier Breeder was Austin and Landen Knapp of Epworth, Iowa. Premier Exhibitor of the heifer show was Warwick Manor, Kevin and Dina Stoltzfus, East Earl, Pa. Premier Sire of the heifer show was Hi Guern View Levi Drone.

In all, Judge Sloan and her associate, Mike West of Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, judged nearly 200 entries in the International Guernsey Show.

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Abby Bauer

The author is the senior associate editor and covers animal health, dairy housing and equipment, and nutrient management. She grew up on a dairy farm near Plymouth, Wis., and previously served as a University of Wisconsin agricultural extension agent. She received a master’s degree from North Carolina State University and a bachelor’s from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.