Hoard's at Expo Blogs 2011

Reports and stories from the 2011 World Dairy Expo

Expo attendees journey home (10/10/2011)

Million dollar lady named Holstein champion (10/9/2011)

Early Saturday slide show (10/8/2011)

Merle Howard Award surprises Karen Anderson (10/8/2011)

The Expo journey in photos-Thursday and Friday (10/8/2011)

Guernsey champion, an Oklahoma native (10/8/2011)

Klussendorf Trophy awarded to Kietzman (10/7/2011)

Klussendorf-MacKenzie awarded to New Yorker (10/07/2011)

The grilled cheese debate: Swiss or American? (10/07/2011)

Go Big, Very Big or Go Home! (10/07/2011)

Booth, Evert, and Remington win Youth Showmanship (10/07/2011)

Harvestore brings you the Hoard's @ Expo blog (10/07/2011)

Brown Swiss Champion was a Real Treat (10/07/2011)

Red and White, a family affair (10/07/2011)

Worth The Wait...Seasoned Milking Shorthorns Sweep Open Show (10/06/2011)

Central National Jersey Show champion journeys from Illinois (10/05/2011)

Best Booth Winners (10/05/2011)

"Freebies" - the best free stuff at Expo! (10/5/2011)

Hoard's Dairyman Commercial Exhibitor Party 2011 (10/05/2011)

International Junior Holstein Show: Dundee Domination (10/04/2011)

4-H Dairy judging honors return to New York (10/04/2011)

Ayrshire champion hails from Iowa (10/04/2011)

Collegiate dairy judging contest a close finish (10/03/2011)

Post-Secondary Awards Lean West (10/04/2011)

National 4-H Dairy Conference Participants stormed Fort Atkinson (10/03/2011)

Start your engines! Expo begins tomorrow. (10/02/2011)