Since Fisher-Place Mandingo first produced 1 million units of semen in 1994, 42 other Holstein bulls have been able to join him in this elite club. At the turn of the century, merely nine others had reached this mark; today that number has more than quadrupled. Most recently, Keystone Potter (sold by Accelerated Genetics) and Lutz-Brookview Bert (sold by ABS) have been able to attain this milestone becoming the 41 and 42 bulls in history to realize this remarkable accomplishment.

To achieve this feat a bull must be a superior semen producer and have a long life span. He must also be able to transmit features to his offspring that are attractive to a wide array of producers. Both of these bulls are popular, domestically and internationally, selling units in over 50 countries. Potter's genetics typically create daughters that mature nicely and milk at a superior level. Bert, a calving ease bull, tends to sire daughters that have outstanding feet and legs.

All millionaires to date have been from the Holstein breed because it is currently the only breed that has the market potential to sustain this level of sales. The United States leads the pack having 20 bulls that have reached the millionaire mark, while Canada follows with 12. Three other countries, the Netherlands, New Zealand and France, also have bulls that have reached this level of production.

From an A.I. cooperative standpoint, Semex heads up the bunch with 11 millionaires; ABS is in a close second with 10 bulls. Eight other A.I. studs have had bulls reach this mark, as well.

Six bulls in this group have further separated themselves by joining the Super Millionaires Club. These bulls have produced over 1.5 million units of semen in their lifetime. The most recent bull to be included in this group is Fustead Emory Blitz (sold by Select Sires).

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