Several hundred friends came out to pay their respects to the late Dr. David Dickson on July 14. Some great tributes and stories were told by those attending the event. At the conclusion of the memorial service, Dickson's sister, Linda Sorstokke, shared a poem that hung on his wall discussing those who judged dairy shows. It is believed that Dickson wrote it himself.

It goes like this . . .

The judge stood at the pearly gates
His head was bent and low
He meekly asked the man in white
The way that he should go.

St. Peter said, "What have you done on earth,
That you should come up here?"
"I was a judge of dairy cattle
For many and many a year."

St. Peter opened wide the gates
And gently pressed the bell
"Step inside and choose your harp
You've served your time in hell."