Aug. 15 2019
Earlier this summer, I was on a search to find the right clipper blades. This challenge reminded me once again that the dairy business has changed, and that holds true in the showing world, too
Aug. 9 2019
The forthcoming crisp fall air will also welcome in the continuation of the tanbark trail and the beginning of dairy judging contests
May 21 2019
Summer is right around the corner, which to many of us in agriculture and rural communities means one thing — fair season
Aug. 2 2018
It’s been a summer where we have found ourselves short on help with a never-ending to-do list
July 6 2018
Growing up I always enjoyed the time spent off the farm when my siblings and I would go to local and national dairy shows
June 4 2018
Holiday special! Ride along with author Roger Peach, as he transforms from “city boy” to “fair hand” while working on a dairy farm in Pinckneyville, Illinois. Peach shares a raw,...
March 16 2018
A few weekends ago, I exhibited at the last local show of my junior show career
Sept. 25 2017
The anticipation, joy, excitement, and laughs we have shared over the years on these walks to the World Dairy Expo showring are worth more than the ribbons to me
Sept. 1 2017
Life lessons, fun memories, and family traditions make the county fair a special place for many of us
Aug. 28 2017
Two-year programs that offer agriculture or dairy related curriculum can be found on the Hoard’s Dairyman online youth page
Aug. 1 2017
With each county fair, with each 4-H project, there are lessons learned . . . both for my children and for me
July 28 2017
My dad came from a large Midwest family where they milked 25 cows, raised some sheep, had a few chickens, and worked cropland. He was one of seven hard-working farm boys with four sisters
May 5 2017
Joey Schilter is the youngest of three children raised on a dairy farm in the state of Washington. His older siblings are “passionate about winning” and have done well in many activities, shared...
March 6 2017
All winter we analyze our calves in anticipation for the next show season. Are they big enough? Are they good enough?
Dec. 7 2016
Growing up exhibiting Brown Swiss dairy cattle at the World Dairy Expo is by far my favorite childhood memory. The lessons learned, the friendships made, and the memories created in Madison, Wis
Nov. 16 2016
As I shoved extra paper towels in my pocket and reached for the familiar feel of the show halter, I could not help but think, “This is it. One last lap.”
July 20 2016
Comforting a child during hard life lessons. Losing a favorite cow at any age can be heartbreaking, but it seems to sting even more when you're young. Not only do you lose an animal, but you also lose...
July 19 2016
As the mom of kids who show dairy cattle, I love helping my kids develop into young showmen. So many important life lessons can be learned in the show ring. But as the mom who does her family’s...
June 1 2016
PDCA showmanship guidelines are designed to help showmen prepare for the big dance. Stepping in unison, circling the ring. One partner wears white, while the other wears spots. Heads are up, tails are...
March 25 2016
A twist on pretty will debut at a Canadian cattle show in April. While no beauty pageant exists just for young ladies with IQs above 120, there is a pageant of sorts debuting in Canada next month for heifers...