July 16 2013 06:00 AM

Members uphold the Holstein Association USA motto of working to be the best.

Iowa Junior Holstein members
There was cause for celebration as many made it to the winners' circle at the 2013 National Junior Holstein Convention in Indianapolis, Ind. Throughout the week, junior members participated in competitions like dairy bowl, dairy jeopardy, prepared public speaking and the folding display contest, just to name a few. Each year national convention represents the culmination of hours upon hours of hard work and dedication. At the annual gathering, Junior Holstein members are able to share their knowledge with others, promote the Holstein cow and association they love, gather with friends both old and new, and celebrate each other's accomplishments. All participants were winners because there is so much to be gained from the active learning that comes with being a Junior Holstein member.

One exciting part of being a Junior Holstein member is the dairy bowl contest, a long-standing tradition for Holstein youth. Thirty teams from 19 states competed this year. The contest began Wednesday morning and continued throughout the afternoon with states facing off in a double elimination competition. Youth members are tested on their knowledge of a wide variety of topics related to the dairy industry, from reproductive health to milk production to nutrition. At the end of the day, four teams made it to the finals held Thursday morning.

In the junior division, the undefeated team from Iowa captured first place, while California took home second. In the senior division, California took the championship and Illinois placed second. All teams from the 19 states represented have so much to be proud of. They are the cream of the crop and will take their knowledge along with them as they represent the dairy industry and the Holstein cow.

Thursday marked the close of the Junior Holstein convention, which wrapped up with the Junior awards luncheon. Junior members were recognized for their hard work in a variety of contests. There was also a special tribute to the Distinguished Junior Member semi-finalists and the six finalists were announced. The luncheon ended with a send off from the Iowa Junior Holstein Association, the 2014 National Junior Holstein Convention hosts.

Distinguished Junior Member finalists:
  • Rocco Cunningham, California
  • Carissa Doody, Maryland
  • Isaac Haagen, Pennsylvania
  • Charles Hamilton, Wisconsin
  • Hayley Potts, Virginia
  • Michael Schmitt, Minnesota
The results are as follows:
Dairy Knowledge Exam
Junior Division
1st place: Hannah Van Dyk, California
2nd place: Jordon Oellerich, Illinois
3rd place: Hayley Fernandes, California

Senior Division
1st place: Alex Gambonini, California
2nd place: Sarah Sheehan, Illinois
3rd place: Joey Adams, Iowa

Prepared Public Speaking
Junior Division
1st place: Lora Wright, Missouri
2nd place: Hanna Richman, New Jersey
3rd place: Caleb McGee, Pennsylvania

Intermediate Division
1st place: Allison Herrick, New York
2nd place: Skylar Clingan, Indiana
3rd place: Hannah Van Dyk, California

Senior Division
1st place: Mallarie Stookey, Indiana
2nd place: Christine Leonard, Minnesota
3rd place: Taylor Pires, California

Folding Display Contest - Creative Division
Junior Division
1st place: George Sebright, Pennsylvania
2nd place: Kaylen Miller, Illinois
3rd place: Noah Iager, Maryland

Intermediate Division
1st place: Emily Irwin, Illinois
2nd place: Daniel Kitchen, Pennsylvania
3rd place: Mary Ellen Sousa, New Jersey

Senior Division
1st place: Jacob Shaffer, Pennsylvania
2nd place: Molly Elgin, Virginia

Folding Display Contest - Scientific Division
Junior Division
1st place: Jacy Smith, Washington
2nd place: Hayley Fernandes, California
3rd place: Cady McGehee, Florida

Intermediate Division
1st place: Katie Osborne, Illinois
2nd place: Cole Davis, North Carolina
3rd place: Brock Irwin, Illinois

Senior Division
1st place: Marcy Bartelheimer, Washington
2nd place: Christina O'Brien, New Jersey
3rd place: Ashley Mohn, Pennsylvania

State Scrapbook - Traditional Division
1st place: Minnesota
2nd place: Florida
3rd place: Iowa
4th place: Illinois
5th place: Pennsylvania

State Scrapbook - Digital Division
1st place: Missouri
2nd place: Illinois
3rd place: Iowa
4th place: California
5th place: Florida

State Banner
1st place: Illinois
2nd place: Florida
3rd place: Washington
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