April 6 2023
Breeding heifers to calve in around 2 years old puts them on a productive track to begin paying off the costs of their rearing and avoid mounting up additional expenses while they remain open
May 5 2022
When it comes to raising heifers, we don’t want them to grow too slowly – or too fast
Oct. 19 2020
The true cost of raising replacement heifers is difficult to determine, although every dairy farmer realizes it’s a significant investment
July 9 2020
It’s not uncommon to hear dairy consultants talk about “rightsizing” a farm’s heifer herd to avoid raising too many replacements
March 30 2020
The use of beef semen on the dairy herd provides added income when it comes to selling bull calves, but there’s so much more to like about incorporating beef semen into a breeding program and a lot...
Aug. 5 2019
With Class III milk prices reaching $17.55 per hundredweight — the highest levels since January 2015 — heifer prices have begun to show a little bit of life
Feb. 25 2019
Having dropped by $380 per head in the past year, dairy replacement values tumbled to a decade low of $1,140 per animal
Nov. 5 2018
The state of young stock sales in the dairy industry is almost uglier than the milk price this year
Aug. 6 2018
With prices ranging $1,170 to $1,250 per head, replacement values in the Great Lake States region are well below the U.S. average of $1,320
July 13 2018
Dairies normally have guidelines for culling cows, but how many of you have written rules or at least go through and cull calves and heifers on a regular basis?
Feb. 5 2018
As farm gate milk prices remain below the cost of production for the vast majority of U.S. dairy farmers, dairy replacements waiting to join the milking herd continue to be at historic highs