May 13 2019
Last year initially showed promise for U.S. dairy farmers, then trade battles with America’s top three dairy trading partners
April 8 2019
Just about everyone in the dairy industry knows the biggest U.S. dairy states — California and Wisconsin. However, what about the smallest?
March 18 2019
The dismal dairy economy took its toll as 2,731 U.S. dairy farms hung up their milking machines for the final time this past year
March 18 2019
In 1992, there were 131,509 dairy farms in the United States. At the end of 2018, that number was 37,468
Jan. 7 2019
The number of small to mid-sized dairy farms in the United States has been falling for decades, and economist Daniel Basse compared this trend to the general population.
Sept. 17 2018
The average number of Wisconsin dairy farms going out of business each month during 2018 is the second most on record, according to the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture’s Division of Food Safety
March 19 2018
U.S. dairying will cross another pause-to-consider threshold in 2018: The total number of farms that are licensed to sell milk will fall below 40,000