April 4 2024
Exports are critical to America’s dairy farmers and processors
Jan. 25 2024
In his opening address, president and CEO Michael Dykes shared a handful of ways we can elevate the dairy industry, and one of them was to reignite our competitive fire
Dec. 11 2023
While still historically strong, U.S. dairy exports this year are down from 2022’s record year, largely because of weaker global demand coupled with rebounded global supply
Dec. 4 2023
“Global milk supplies are tight. Exports are where it’s at,” said Gregg Doud, the new president and CEO of the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF)
Nov. 30 2023
In a two-to-one vote, the U.S. failed in its attempt to challenge Canada’s tariff-rate quota (TRQ) allocation system and gain better market access under the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)
Nov. 13 2023
For seven consecutive quarters ending in the fourth quarter of last year, the export value of U.S. dairy products beat year-ago levels by 20% or more
July 27 2023
World dairy trade could grow 11% over the next decade. If that comes to fruition, countries around the world would trade an additional 14.2 million metric tons of dairy products
June 12 2023
Consumers crave connection. How do you create that connection? Build a center halfway around the world, find some of the best people to run it, and ultimately develop synergy between the U.S. and customers...
April 27 2023
Dairy product manufacturers are running operations full tilt in the midst of the spring milk flush despite ongoing struggles with supply chain constraints, specifically trucking and labor
Feb. 23 2023
It’s impressive to take a step back and recognize that in 2021, overseas dairy sales totaled a massive $7.75 billion — and yet, that number still climbed to $9.5 billion last year!
Feb. 9 2023
Over the last 30 years, we’ve seen a 20% increase in agricultural exports across all commodities in countries where we had free-trade agreements
Jan. 30 2023
U.S. dairy exports carried major momentum into the final quarter of 2022, with nearly all the major dairy products showing year-over-year improvement
Jan. 30 2023
We are optimistic about Chinese dairy demand in 2023, but we are also concerned that its growing milk production may limit import growth during 2023
Sept. 29 2022
“The question isn’t if exports will grow; it’s how, and what are we focused on?” Robert Chesler, United Dairymen of Arizona CEO, said as introduction to his comments on dairy exports
Sept. 29 2022
When considering that a growing world population will need nourishment in the decades to come and that U.S. milk production has the ability to continue to grow, the question is not if our domestic industry...
Sept. 26 2022
The title of this article was the lead off question during the September 14, 2022, Hoard’s Dairyman DairyLivestream
Sept. 22 2022
It’s been true of domestic markets for some time, but export markets have seen a change in recent years that has caused U.S. exporters to switch gears, encouraging higher value products
Aug. 15 2022
U.S. dairy product exports pushed past $800 million in sales for an unprecedented fourth straight month. In doing so, total American dairy exports reached $4.8 billion in the first six months
June 23 2022
On May 24, Washington leadership embarked on the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF), an initiative to build and strengthen economic relationships in Asia
June 13 2022
Despite facing substantial hurdles, U.S. dairy product exports have continued to make significant contributions to the milk checks for U.S. dairy farmers