Oct. 25 2018
The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) announced September 30 was achieved after months of hard-nosed negotiations
Oct. 23 2018
Milk prices have remained in a fairly narrow range thus far in 2018, with the monthly low of $15.30 per hundredweight (cwt.) registered in February and the high of $16.30 per cwt. posted in June
Sept. 25 2018
As winter continues its retreat from the Southern Hemisphere, dairy farmers are preparing themselves to enter the high-production season
Sept. 10 2018
Milk production growth continues despite the distressed economic signals experienced by dairy farmers across the country
Aug. 20 2018
“Brazil can double its cropland easily without cutting a tree,” said Texas A&M professor and extension economist Luis Ribera
July 23 2018
Three headlines sum up which industry is seeing early casualties in the just-launched trade war between the U.S. and its biggest customers
June 11 2018
Larger U.S. milk supplies require growing consumer demand — both in America and abroad
June 4 2018
One out of 7 — on one day of each seven-day week, every U.S. dairy cow produces milk for the international market
April 30 2018
One nut has surpassed dairy while another nut is nipping at dairy’s heels
Jan. 15 2018
That’s the longest running national tourism slogan, according to research by the author of the Banyan column in the widely circulated The Economist magazine based out of Great Britain
Jan. 15 2018
In recent years, dairy exports have become a larger contributor to milk checks for U.S. dairy farmers
Jan. 1 2018
It is hard not to feel like the U.S. dairy industry is just a penny ante chip in the high stakes poker game that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has become
Dec. 4 2017
USDA just released long-term Agricultural Projections to 2027 for the U.S. dairy industry
Nov. 13 2017
“Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) has helped export 55.1 million pounds of American-style cheese in 2017,” said Jim Tillison (shown at right), who works with the National Milk Producers...
Oct. 23 2017
Health Canada may recommend less meat and dairy in its next Food Guide for Canadians
Oct. 10 2017
A year ago, the combined milk output in the key exporting regions — Argentina, Brazil, the European Union (EU), Oceania, and the United States — trailed the prior year
May 22 2017
It’s been a little over a month since news broke about one Wisconsin dairy processor shedding dozens of dairy farm patrons due to lost markets north of the border
May 10 2017
The U.S. is finding itself in the middle of an early and large spring milk flush. The last two years have seen the Northeast and the Upper Midwest grow production to the point that existing plant capacity...
May 8 2017
Recent growth in U.S. milk supplies has kept pressure on U.S. milk prices, but the situation could be much worse
May 8 2017
California is indeed the breadbasket, or perhaps the cornucopia, to the world. Consider this: An impressive 57 agricultural products from the state were given individual listing on a sub-list with $18