Nov. 12 2018
Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Daily Cheese prices
Nov. 9 2018
As the National Dairy farm magazine, Hoard's Dairyman provides dairy producers with dairy market prices and includes the weekly cheese price from CME, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and NASS, National...
Oct. 22 2018
The dairy industry has had plenty of issues to drag our spirits down lately. Some of those items would include the fourth year of relatively low milk prices, trade wars, and a wet fall hampering fieldwork...
April 23 2018
Farmers get only 30 cents from every $1 spent,” read the headline in the March 26, 2018, Hoard’s Dairyman Intel. When consumers spent $1 on dairy products in 2017, dairy farmers received 30...
Feb. 13 2018
I got my Valentine’s Day gift from my hubby early this year. It’s not chocolate. Or flowers. Or jewelry. It’s cheese. My most favorite cheese . . . the one I savor, nibble by nibble
Oct. 30 2017
Much like dairy farms, cheese processing plants come in all shapes and sizes. This is certainly true in Wisconsin, the nation’s top cheesemaking state
Oct. 30 2017
Much like dairy farms, cheese processing plants come in all shapes and sizes. This is certainly true in Wisconsin, the nation’s top cheesemaking state
Oct. 16 2017
U.S. cheese consumption reached a record 36.6 pounds per capita. That means every American is drinking 366 pounds of fluid milk in the form of cheese
April 3 2017
Most people adore dairy products, and cheese in particular, for the taste. The nutritional benefits are very appealing, too
March 6 2017
“The U.S. just recently crossed 35 pounds of cheese per person on a per capita basis,” stated Mark Stephenson, speaking to those attending the Wisconsin Agricultural Outlook Forum
Dec. 5 2016
It’s always dangerous to call a food or dietary additive a silver bullet, but recent research suggests that a component of some aged cheeses could be part of a diet that improves life longevity
Nov. 14 2016
Over the past generation, one cheese, above all others, carried the dairy industry. What was the variety? Mozzarella. Since 1975, U.S. consumption of this variety has grown from 2.11 to 11.27 pounds
Oct. 17 2016
“Pass the cheese, please!” It seems Americans are saying that phrase now more than ever. Brand new data released by USDA’s Economic Research Service revealed a new record for per capita...
Sept. 19 2016
Mozzarella sticks filled two of three orders by Corey Geiger, Managing Editor "Who doesn't like real Mozzarella sticks?" asked Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) dairy scientist Porter Myrick, who works exclusively...
May 27 2016
Block, curd, or shredded, put it on your plate. "A can a week is all we ask." That was a very successful marketing campaign for Blue Diamond Almonds decades ago. I saw plenty of those commercials and almond...
May 23 2016
Specialty cheese has been a growth category for Wisconsin. There were 83.1 million pounds of specialty cheese produced in the Badger State in 1993. That was the first year the state's division of USDA's...
Oct. 12 2015
For five straight years, Italian-type cheeses have topped their American-style counterparts, as the entire cheese category rolled to another per capita consumption record
Sept. 14 2015
Americans are saying, "Pass the cheese, please" more than ever before. In data just released by USDA's Economic Research Service, cheese consumption nearly pushed past 34 pounds per person
June 9 2015
New research reveals the real reason Swiss cheese is full of holes, and why those holes are getting smaller