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This letter is in response to the "The GE feed debate can finally rest" article in last week's Intel email:

I am a big supporter of GE crops and BST injection for late-lactation cows, and I routinely take time to educate nonfarmers about these technologies. It seems assuming to think that this broad survey study of animals consuming GE crops puts this topic "to rest."

There's a reason that USDA organic and "natural" food have gained market share. We must continue to tell our story and reach out to consumers regarding frightening topics like genetic engineering. Let's take this role as there are folks who want to take technology out of our toolbox.

- Brian Trudell, Madison, Wis.

Editor's note: We agree with the letter writer. That said, please read our April 25, 2014, editorial, "Science backs GMOs, but emotion rules the heart."

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