MPP signup paperwork

This reader response references the following Hoard's Dairyman Intel item, "Dairy insurance has outpaced crop insurance."

Sign-up in Wisconsin is slower, as it probably should be. Also, consider why LGM-D subsidies will be used up in December 2014. LGM is funded the first of October and is to run through September of the following year. The reason for this is where dairymen studied the differences between the two programs, it was clear that LGM offered many more benefits. It appears that MPP has been overpromoted and will cost U.S. dairymen in the event that IOFC drops below $12 but not much, if ever, below the $8 maximum per cwt. of milk.

- Greg Booher, Farm Business and Production Instructor
Lakeshore Technical College, Eastern Wisconsin Region, adult continuing education

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