calfI wanted to point out that Milking Shorthorns carry the trait in a dairy cow also in relation to your article "Polled cattle are natural . . . yet." The most interesting thought is getting the trait in a Brahman cow where horns can be a huge problem.

However, please note that selective crossing of cattle, genetic drift, and genetic migration are not GMO in the textbook sense. Also reparation of a strand of DNA is not genetic modification but merely reparation.

Imagine if genetic modification could be used for real gain in diversifying the gene pool. For example, removing the syndactylous strand could save many cattlemen some real money. It could also prevent dwarfism and cardiomegaly. Oh, what the future holds.

- Susan Rowlette SantosCoy, Dripping Spring Farm, Missouri

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May 2, 2016
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