immigrant worker

The Hoard's Dairyman Intel "The politics of immigration in primary season" is accurate regarding the importance of the Hispanic labor to our dairy production industry not to mention restaurants, hotels, horticulture companies, and many other industries.

But it's also critical that American-born citizens must be strongly encouraged to work and earn their keep. Our dairy production jobs require well-educated workers. Milking jobs may be routine and not always the most pleasant of condition, but neither are the conditions in many manufacturing and other occupations.

The milking job can be considered an entry-level position for those employees who want to advance in their careers. Hours are much better and the level of challenging employment and financial reward is much better than it has been for other generations. We need the brightest and most talented. So, young people: Get an education, put in the years of on-the-job training, and make agriculture a lifelong career pursuit.

Greg Booher, Dairy Business Consultant
Ledgeview Dairy Consulting Services, LLC, Wisconsin

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May 2, 2016
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